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SUBStudent Union Building
SUBSubwoofer (bass frequency speaker)
SUBSpringfield Utility Board (Oregon)
SuBSinn und Bedeutung (conference)
SUBSubject Marker
SUBSupplementary Unemployment Benefits
SUBSports Utility Bike
SUBSurabaya, Indonesia - Juanda Airport (Airport Code)
SUBSit-Up Berth
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Subtract cash payments made to acquire inventory by adjusting reported cost of goods sold by any changes in inventory and accounts payable reported on the balance sheets add increases in inventory occurring during period and subtract decreases add decreases in accounts payable occurring during period and subtract increases
Subtract R&D expenditures capitalized for book.
And don't forget to subtract the fiber from the total carbs in that ordinary bread before you compare it to the "net carbs" in that lower-carb bread.
With this enhancement, users can automatically add or subtract chemical amounts directly from the balance.
Then decide to add or subtract this value from the coordinate, depending on the cutter position.
Add them together and then subtract 97 from that total and continue to subtract 97 until a minus number is reached.
It allows developed countries to subtract CO2 amounts absorbed through afforestation and reforestation conducted since 1990.
2) then subtract the number you started with from the total.
But in the year 2000, the computer would subtract 81 from 00.
X then continues: The activities for which I would most like to use a computer are: To add or subtract very quickly.
Subtract the value of I, the third letter of THIRTEEN, from the value of V, the third letter of SEVEN: 22 - 9 = 13.