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SVNSubversion (version control system)
SVNSlovenia (international traffic code)
SVNSociety for Vascular Nursing
SVNSatellite Vehicle Number
SVNSignal Versus Noise
SVNSwitched Virtual Network (IBM)
SVNSoftware Virtual Network (cyber warfare)
SVNSozialversicherungsnummer (German: Social Security Number)
SVNSoftware Version Number
SVNSouth Vietnam
SVNSupervised Visitation Network
SVNSomething Very Naughty
SVNSinuvertebral Nerve
SVNSecure Virtual Network
SVNSmall Volume Nebulizer
SVNSocial Venture Network
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Asimismo, Munoz Ogayar demuestra con acierto la existencia de caracteristicas posmodernistas inherentes a todas estas novelas revertianas, sobresaliendo sin duda el analisis que delinea la subversion generica sufrida por los protagonistas, especialmente en el segundo apartado del estudio.
Rights groups say subversion charges in China are often used to jail government critics.
He was subsequently imprisoned in 1999 on subversion charges after he helped organize the Chinese Democratic Party.
The harshest punishment for subversion charges in two decades has educeed a joint appeal from the European Union and the US.
The new release offers the following new features and improvements: a new enterprise dashboard, which automates installation and administration; monitoring features that help administrators address problems before system availability is impacted; the ability to add servers or remove existing servers from a Subversion MultiSite or Subversion High Availability implementation without downtime; the ability to perform upgrades without disrupting user access; as well as the ability to selectively replicate Subversion repositories only to some locations.
com) report Software Change and Configuration Management, Q2 2007 (May 29, 2007), which cited Subversion as the leading stand-alone SCM solution, sparked widespread interest in the open source version control system, touted by many as the definitive replacement for CVS.
CollabNet the primary sponsor of the Subversion open source project and provider of collaborative software development solutions, have announced the immediate availability of Subversion for Mac OS X.
CollabNet, have announced the continued rapid adoption of Subversion among enterprise developers, including the launch of an early adopter program for Subversion's upcoming Merge Tracking capabilities, as well as new investments in the Subversion development, support, training, and consulting programs for enterprise organisations.
In discussing (and, for me, defending) the book, we needed to swap its subversion for moderation: the book is a warning, an ironic urge to forgo the dual urges to mechanize the self and eroticize the auto.
writer Elizabeth Foss has alerted parents to about the anti-life subversion of a much-loved traditional toy.
Shamanism, racism, and hip-hop culture; essays on white supremacy and Black subversion.
To distinguish the mindless repetition of received ideas from their radical subversion, one must be possessed of a sense of history.