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SUESShanghai University of Engineering Science (Shanghai, China)
SUESSouthampton University Engineering Society
SUESSpecialized User Equipment & System
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Additionally, SLUSA applies only to lawsuits concerning securities traded nationally and listed on a national exchange; it does not bar an investor from state court if he sues over private equity or debt offerings.
When mistakes do happen, even minor ones, it's vital that patients receive immediate attention, he says, echoing researchers who say that unhappy patients are more likely to sue.
BOLIVIA Government sues the tobacco industry in product liability action.
IF YOU WANT to invite someone to dinner, apparently you sue them.
Instead, that heady privilege may belong to the courts, with a variety of secession opponents potentially ready to sue - after the vote, if cityhood wins.
According to a consensus in recent years," Sues says, "people thought that during the Cretaceous, we really had a differentiation into northern and southern faunas.
But as millions of well-informed Europeans see it, loser-pays isn't nearly as terrifying as the way we sue in this country, where lawyers can lay your life to waste and the system will leave you no recourse at all.
However, largely due to extensive private-public promotional efforts, many State departments of transportation (DOTs) today use SUE routinely on Federal-aid highway and other major construction projects.
Instead, the case has become bogged down over the issue of "standing"--the fight to sue.
Sue and Sue (2003), who have been at the forefront of this discussion, have described commonly recognized multicultural competencies that fall in the following major domains: awareness, knowledge, and skills.
Block cites the case of an Alabama child whose mother was not able to sue after her son came home with black-and-blue marks from a teacher who used a paddle because the child was picking his nose.
Instead of limiting itself to targeting individual jurors through mass media advertising, the industry began to heavily lobby legislators to restrict citizens' ability to sue The movement pursued strict caps on damage awards, tougher standards for proving liability and caps on plaintiffs' attorney fees.