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STESuite (US Postal Service)
STESaint (French)
STESpanning Tree Explorer
STESyrian Telecommunications Establishment
STEStratosphere-Troposphere Exchange (geophysics)
STEState Trading Enterprise
STESimplified Technical English
STESociedad Tolkien Española (Spanish Tolkien Society)
STESection Terminating Equipment (SONET)
STEStraight Talk Express (John McCain's campaign bus)
STESciences et Techniques Educatives (French: Educational Science and Technology; journal)
STESystem Test and Evaluation
STESystem Test Equipment
STEStation de Traitement des Effluents (French: Effluent Treatment Plant)
STESegment Table Entry
STESupport & Test Equipment
STESafety through Engineering (New Carlisle, OH)
STESteelville Telephone Exchange (Missouri)
STESynthetic Task Environment
STESuprathermal Electron Telescope
STESimplified Test Equipment
STESpécifications Techniques d'Exploitation (French: Technical Operating Specifications)
STEShift Test Engineer
STESodium Chloride-Tris-EDTA
STESynthetic Training Environment
STESignaling Terminal Equipment (ITU-T)
STESurface Threat Emitter
STESpace Technology Enterprise
STEStaff-years of Technical Effort
STESurface Terminal Equipment
STEShipboard Test Equipment
STESupergroup Translating Equipment
STESecure Transmission Equipment
STESnyder Thorn Enterprises (Canadian company)
STEStability & Equilibrium Data
STESuper Transmittance Eyepiece
STESwitch Test Execution (Sprint)
STEStar Tracker Electronics
STEStochastic Taylor Expansion (mathematics)
STESpecial Touring Edition (Pontiac)
STESerial to Ethernet (computer servers)
STEScience Teacher Education (journal)
STEShade Tree Engineer
STEScience and Technology Education
STEScience, Technology and Engineering (various organizations)
STESolar Thermal Electricity
STESave the Earth (game)
STESemiconductor Test Equipment
STEStar Trek: Enterprise
STESoftware Test and Evaluation
STEShort-Term Energy
STESociete (French: Society)
STEST Segment Elevation (cardiology)
STESoftware Test Environment
STEStandard Test Equipment
STESenior Technical Editor
STESecure Telephone Equipment
STESecure Terminal Equipment
STESoftware Test Engineer
STESolar Thermal Electric
STESpecial Test Equipment
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Blaize Castle remained her only comfort; towards that, she still looked at intervals with pleasure; though rather than be disappointed of the promised walk, and especially rather than be thought ill of by the Tilneys, she would willingly have given up all the happiness which its walls could supply -- the happiness of a progress through a long suite of lofty rooms, exhibiting the remains of magnificent furniture, though now for many years deserted -- the happiness of being stopped in their way along narrow, winding vaults, by a low, grated door; or even of having their lamp, their only lamp, extinguished by a sudden gust of wind, and of being left in total darkness.
It was a dark green dress coat with gold buttons--red facings, white trousers, and a white silk waistcoat--silk stockings, shoes with buckles, and top-boots if I were riding out with his majesty or with the suite.
He used to have a ride before dinner, and his suite on those occasions were generally Davoust, myself, and Roustan.
At first Kutuzov stood still while the regiment moved; then he and the general in white, accompanied by the suite, walked between the ranks.
Behind Kutuzov, at a distance that allowed every softly spoken word to be heard, followed some twenty men of his suite.
His suite, not having expected this, involuntarily came closer to him.
Prince Andrew stepped forward from among the suite and said in French:
It is indispensable to present the accomplished lady who was of sufficient importance in the suite of the Dorrit Family to have a line to herself in the Travellers' Book.
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