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SMNSummoner (Final Fantasy, gaming)
SMNServicio Meteorologico Nacional (Spanish: National Meteorological Service)
SMNSanta Maria Novella (church and main train station, Florence, Italy)
SMNSurvival Motor Neuron
SMNShaman (Mic-O-Say, Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
SMNScientific and Medical Network
SMNSmall Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide N
SMNSociété Métallurgique de Normandie (French: Metallurgic Company of Normandy; 1912-1993)
SMNSociété Morbihannaise de Navigation (French cruise company)
SMNSystème Multilatéral de Négociation (French: Multilateral Trading System)
SMNShort Message Networks
SMNSociété Méditerranéenne de Nettoiement (French: Mediterranean Cleanup Corporation; France)
SMNSociété Marocaine de Nutrition (French)
SMNService de Métrologie Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Metrology Service; Belgium)
SMNSoftware Modification Notice
SMNSpace Mapping-based Neuromodeling
SMNSpot Market Network (Model)
SMNSenior Ministries Network
SMNSociété Musicale Normande (French: Music Society of Normandy; France)
SMNSmall and Midsize Network
SMNSignalisation Moléculaire et Neurodégénérescence (French: Molecular Signaling and Neurodegeneration; University of Strasbourg; France)
SMNStatic Mesh Network (Sprint)
SMNSociété de Maintenance et de Négoce (French: Society of Maintenance and Trading)
SMNSmoky Mountain News (North Carolina)
SMNShoot Me Now
SMNSimple Multicast Network
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The identity of the Summoner in The Friar's Tale is entirely constituted by the fact of his occupation: he has no given name (he is simply referred to as the 'Somonour' throughout), and his vices and motivations stem from his role as a functionary of the ecclesiastical courts.
Shin Megami's Devil Summoner is an exception in this case, as despite the plethora of syllables, there is a game worth seeing here.
With the sexually-deviant status of the Summoner and Pardoner so widely recognised by Chaucer's readers, new representations of the characters--both critical and artistic--are likely to reflect the sexual biases of the people who create them.
Noverre has already taken his revenge, having Summoner six and a half lengths back in ninth when runner-up to Terre A Terre in the Group One Dubai Duty Free at Nad Al Sheba in March.
Well, Richard Hills - who rode Summoner home - didn't, that for sure.
Hills sent Summoner to the front soon after the start and set a steady pace.
Summoner - A great-looking role-playing game from THQ with dozens of levels, scores of quests and 209 creature types.
He next emphasizes the disorientation of individuals faced with visible figurations of Death as "the Antic, sardonic jester, grim summoner, and eldritch lover, the vivid self-exhibition of humanity" (5) in his discussion of apocalyptic figurations of the end in Hamlet.
The Manciple's Tale (in which the wife of Phebus is disproportionately foregrounded) and the homosexual relationship between the Summoner and Pardoner are the subjects of the final chapters.
The conclusion of The Friar's Tale, in which the summoner fails, the widow succeeds, and the demon profits, results from the characters' ability (or inability) to recognize and to negotiate the competing discursive fields of the narrative.
The summoner as bailiff intends to extort money as 'rente' from an old widow; consequently his companion, a devil dressed as a yeoman, intends to exact a payment as 'rente' from the summoner which is nothing less than his soul.
The summoner befriends a bailiff, who is the devil in disguise, and the two agree to share the proceeds of their extortions.