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SNSTSmith and Norris Security Training (New York, NY)
SNSTSilicon-News in Science and Technology (conference)
SNSTSubaru-Nordica Service Team (joint venture)
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It jolted her up like everything, of course; but I was over the shoal water now, so I went right along, her eyes a-blazing higher and higher all the time, and told her every blame thing, from where we first struck that young fool going up to the steamboat, clear through to where she flung herself on to the king's breast at the front door and he kissed her sixteen or seventeen times -- and then up she jumps, with her face afire like sunset, and says:
Again she was besieged by eager questioners, and again she swam in sunset seas of glory.
The invitations were sent out before sunset, and straightway the young folks of the village were thrown into a fever of preparation and pleasurable anticipation.
Immerse the garments in a tub, lightly rubbing the more soiled portions with the soap; leave them submerged in water from sunset to sunrise, and then the youngest baby can wash them without the slightest effort.
I came, one evening before sunset, down into a valley, where I was to rest.
I felt as I imagine a husband may feel on a solitary holiday--if there are husbands unnatural enough to go holidaying without their wives--pleasantly conscious of a home tucked somewhere beneath the distant sunset, yet in no precipitate hurry to return there before the appointed day.
The court was very cool and a little damp, and full of premature twilight, although the sky, high up overhead, was still bright with sunset.
Today this Vampire is limit to the powers of man, and till sunset he may not change.
I sat down on it, and I surveyed the broad view of our old world under the sunset of that long day.
Once a leash of thin black whips, like the arms of an octopus, flashed across the sunset and was immediately with- drawn, and afterwards a thin rod rose up, joint by joint, bearing at its apex a circular disk that spun with a wobbling motion.
Here in the evening the favourite reclined, watching the peonies vie with the sunset beyond.
The West Wind reigns over the seas surrounding the coasts of these kingdoms; and from the gateways of the channels, from promontories as if from watch-towers, from estuaries of rivers as if from postern gates, from passage-ways, inlets, straits, firths, the garrison of the Isle and the crews of the ships going and returning look to the westward to judge by the varied splendours of his sunset mantle the mood of that arbitrary ruler.