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SUPWhat's Up?
SUPSoudé Usine Process (welded machine process)
SUPSupuration (band)
SUPSupplemental Dictionary (File Name Extension)
SUPSociety for Ultrastructural Pathology
SUPStandard Unit of Processing
SUPSport Utility Pack (automotive)
SUPSustaining University Program (program of PEE)
SUPSuspect Unapproved Part
SUPService Use Profile
SUPShot Under Protest
SUPSupremum (least upper bound)
SUPStand Up Paddleboarding (sport)
SUPRun Support (baseball; runs scored for a pitcher per 9 innings)
SUPStress Ulcer Prophylaxis
SUPSydney University Press (Australia)
SUPStanford University Press
SUPSuperscript (HTML markup tag)
SUPSustainable Production
SUPSpecific Use Permit (city planning and zoning)
SUPSingle Unit Pack (automobile exportation)
SUPStart-Up Program
SUPSpecial Use Permit
SUPSpherical Unit Provided (band)
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This supplementary program also instructed the excursionists to provide themselves with light musical instruments for amusement in the ship, with saddles for Syrian travel, green spectacles and umbrellas, veils for Egypt, and substantial clothing to use in rough pilgrimizing in the Holy Land.
The flying waiter then flew across Holborn for the soup, and flew back again, and then took another flight for the made-dish, and flew back again, and then took another flight for the joint and poultry, and flew back again, and between whiles took supplementary flights for a great variety of articles, as it was discovered from time to time that the immovable waiter had forgotten them all.
I discovered that she was uneasy in her mind, because the train of events that she had just described to me had prevented her from receiving those supplementary messages which Miss Halcombe had intrusted to the Countess to deliver.
and so forth), she bade her farewell; and after calling her back to give her more supplementary messages for Edward, than anybody with tenfold the gravity of Dolly Varden could be reasonably expected to remember, at length dismissed her.
A youngish sallowish gentleman in spectacles, with a lumpy forehead, seated in a supplementary chair at a corner of the table, here caused a profound sensation by saying, in a raised voice,
A Board meeting to consider the supplementary capital dividend for the above company was held on 12th November 2015.
Claims have been made that public schools are taking fees of between TL 500 and TL 3,000 for supplementary courses, which should be provided free of charge for public school students, and have recently been publicized by the Turkish media.
BISE spokesman told here on Monday that the Intermediate Supplementary Exams 2015 would commence here from October 23.
Giving justification of the supplementary budget the finance minister said that Article 124 of the constitution authorizes the provincial government for giving approval of the less or additional expenditure from the provincial assembly.
Earlier, NADRA officials submitted a supplementary report before the tribunal and stated that 99.
However, being noncontroversial does not mean supplementary payments are not important and not an integral part of the insurance policy.
This edited volume seeks to bring supplementary education (e.
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