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Infection after any type of surgery can be serious.
The patient returned to the clinic 10 days following surgery for postoperative nasal cleaning.
The Asia-Pacific and Emerging MIS spinal device market also exhibits a large demand from patients with back pain, who are becoming aware of the advantages of minimally invasive techniques compared to open surgery.
Nationwide, surgery is an option for about 10 million severely obese people, says David R.
Malcolm in the Middle'' star Jane Kaczmarek had a traditional hip replacement surgery last year.
Bariatric surgery, also known as gastric bypass surgery, uses different techniques to reduce the size of the stomach and intestines and limit how much food a person can eat.
Denecke's influence on German ENT surgery is comparable to that brought to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery by the late Dr.
The most common reason that people have hip replacement surgery is the wearing down of the hip joint that results from osteoarthritis.
Douglas Boyd, director of the Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Program, performs remote control heart surgery.
associate professor of Neurosurgery at University of California, San Diego, made a presentation concerning his experience with ArthroCare's spinal surgery system and the potential application of the technology to neurosurgery.
to restore body image following mastectomy surgery for breast cancer