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SWAMSouth West Arts Marketing (now Audiences South West; UK)
SWAMSouthwest Academy of Management (Federation of Business Disciplines)
SWaMSmall, Women- or Minority (Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise)
SWAMSalt Water Addicts of Maine
SWAMStudents with a Mission
SWAMShallow Water Attack Craft, Medium
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As she swam she seemed to be reaching out for the unlimited in which to lose herself.
With no other guide than the ripple of the stream where it met the head of the island, a party of their insatiable foes had ventured into the current, and swam down upon this point, knowing the ready access it would give, if successful, to their intended victims.
While he spoke we swam hard, and now we were in the current.
I swam as long as I could, but I soon got all exhausted and thought I was going to sink.
I do not know what it rightly is to faint, but I do know that for the next little while the whole world swam away from before me in a whirling mist; Silver and the birds, and the tall Spy-glass hilltop, going round and round and topsy-turvy before my eyes, and all manner of bells ringing and distant voices shouting in my ear.
For my own part, I swam as fortune directed me, and was pushed forward by wind and tide.
For it was he; and, instead of drowning me, as was certainly his first intention, he swam with me and laid me gently on the bank:
said Alice, as she swam about, trying to find her way out.
When he felt dirty or hot he swam in the forest pools; and when he wanted honey (Baloo told him that honey and nuts were just as pleasant to eat as raw meat) he climbed up for it, and that Bagheera showed him how to do.
I swam more vigorously; but, cramped by my clothes, which stuck to me like a leaden weight, I felt great difficulty in bearing up.
This was an easy feat to him, for he usually attracted a crowd of spectators in the bay before the lighthouse at Marseilles when he swam there, and was unanimously declared to be the best swimmer in the port.
In spite of all this, however, he did not lose sight of his raft, but swam as fast as he could towards it, got hold of it, and climbed on board again so as to escape drowning.