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SWANStructured Wireless Aware Network (Cisco)
SWANSocial Work Access Network
SWANSystem Wide Automated Network (Suburban Library System)
SWANSemantic Web Annotator
SWANSimulator for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
SWANSystem without a Name (game engine)
SWANStateless Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
SWANSymantec Women's Action Network
SWANSociety of Women Addicted to Needlework
SWANSomebody Worth Accepting Now (Phoenix, Arizona)
SWANSacramento Wide Area Networking project
SWANSouth Western Association of Naturalists
SWANSingapore Women's Auxiliary Naval Service
SWANSouth West Artist Network
SWANSARDA Wide Area Network
SWANSecure Wide Area Network
SWANSerial Wide Area Network
SWANShipboard Wide Area Network
SWANSleep Well At Night (term for low-risk investments)
SWANStudy of Women's Health Across the Nation
SWANSolar Wind ANisotropies
SWANSatellite Wide Area Network
SWANShan Women's Action Network (Myanmar and Thailand)
SWANSystem for Wearable Audio Navigation
SWANStudents with Additional Needs (various locations)
SWANState-Wide Area Network (India)
SWANSyndrome Without A Name
SWANSun Wide Area Network
SWANSupport Wide Area Network (US DoD)
SWANSports Writers Association of Nigeria (sports journalism)
References in classic literature ?
Then she threw over each one a little shirt, which when it had touched their bodies changed them into swans, and they flew away over the forest.
But when the sun had set she heard a noise, and saw six swans flying in at the window.
As if planted on purpose for him, there soon appeared a little tuft of maples, with a delightful recess in the midst, and such a fresh bubbling spring that it seemed never to have sparkled for any wayfarer but David Swan.
Some looked neither to the right hand nor the left, and knew not that he was there; some merely glanced that way, without admitting the slumberer among their busy thoughts; some laughed to see how soundly he slept; and several, whose hearts were brimming full of scorn, ejected their venomous superfluity on David Swan.
The swans had tried to drag him and Montmorency out of the boat and drown them; and he had defended himself like a hero for four hours, and had killed the lot, and they had all paddled away to die.
What were the real facts about these swans we never found out.
She beckoned the boy of the swan dive nearer to her, and signed to him to dive over again.
She took no notice, but held up the gold coin before the eyes of the boy of the swan dive.
Go, my child, go, remember, Master Isaac Boxtel at the White Swan Inn.
For all my unkind comparisons to swans and backyards, it cannot be denied that each dock or group of docks along the north side of the river has its own individual attractiveness.
Having satiated itself with the swans, having exhausted the lake, the general curiosity reverted to the break in the trees at the farther end--remarked a startlingly artificial object, intruding itself on the scene, in the shape of a large red curtain, which hung between two of the tallest firs, and closed the prospect beyond from view--requested an explanation of the curtain from Julius Delamayn--and received for answer that the mystery should be revealed on the arrival of his wife with the tardy remainder of the guests who had loitered about the house.
Occasionally swans touched on the island, and he would give them all his day's food and then ask them how they sat on the water, but as soon as he had no more to give them the hateful things hissed at him and sailed away.