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SWARMSouthwest Alliance to Resist Militarization
SWARMSystem Wide Adaptive Ramp Metering (traffic pattern monitoring)
SWARMSafety for Women and Responsible Motherhood (Colorado)
SWARMSmart Warfighting Array of Reconfigurable Modules
SWARMStabilised Weapon and Reconnaissance Mount (Thales AFV Systems, UK)
SWARMStaff Working for a Republican Majority (Wisconsin)
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Under Swarm's three-tiered token model, members of the Swarm can exchange crypto or fiat for Swarm SUN tokens, which can then be used to invest in the funds on the platform.
Fire support swarm combatants will carry one-time-use warheads that are changed modularly to deal with a variety of targets (area, point, soft-skinned, hardened, airborne, and others).
But, he says, members of the public have little to fear if they come across a swarm in an unexpected place.
The performance of PSO can be improved in a variety of ways including adopting a multi-swarm strategy in which each swarm can explore a different portion of the solution space (Blackwell).
After collection, the swarm are quarantined and checked to see they are healthy before being re-housed in a hive.
on Tuesday, there were already 2,390 earthquakes associated with the swarm, with 37 of them being felt.
To date, a large number of algorithms have been developed for optimizing the swarm of particles--PSO algorithms based on the idea of collective intelligence of a swarm of particles, such as gbest PSO and lbest PSO algorithms [6], The use of stochastic multi-agent optimization methods for solving multicriteria problems today causes certain difficulties and this direction continues to develop intensively [7], To solve the original multicriteria nonlinear programming problem (1) with constraints (2), we construct an algorithm for stochastic multi-agent optimization based on the set of particle swarms, the number of which is equal to the number of components of the vector optimization criterion.
In 2014, a large bee swarm was observed on a crash and salvage crane aboard the USS Peleliu (LHA-5) while pierside in the Republic of Philippines (C.
David Axe wrote Tuesday, "The idea is to overwhelm American forces, much in the way a single bee is a nuisance to a human being but a swarm of them could prove lethal.
Using an all-new technique called Turing Learning, the team managed to get an artificial intelligence to watch movements within a swarm of simple robots and figure out the rules that govern their behavior.
The swarm was a normal occurrence for this time of year as the honeybees reproduce.
The swarm is on a plant in the garden, directly outside the back door.