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SWIMSystem Wide Information Management
SWIMSee What I Mean
SWIMSurface Water Improvement and Management
SWIMSuper Woz Integrated Machine
SWIMSomeone Who Isn't Me
SWIMSoftware Image Management (Cisco)
SWIMSoil and Water Integrated Model (science/engineering)
SWIMShared Wireless Infostation Model
SWIMSlow-Speed Weigh-in-Motion (also seen as SSWIM; truck scale)
SWiMSupply-Web information Management (Efinity, Inc.)
SWIMSea Water Instrumented Manikin
SWIMSolar Wind Interplanetary Measurement
SWIMShallow Water Interim Model
SWIMSoutheast Unitarian Universalist Winter Institute in Miami
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Can the Delawares swim, too, as well as crawl in the bushes?
I only know that I swim about in space, with a blue angel, in a state of blissful delirium, until I find myself alone with her in a little room, resting on a sofa.
The black-hole of that ship warn't a strong one, to a judge of black-holes that could swim and dive.
My heart went mad in me, everything began to swim round, a red cloth seemed to lift itself up and down before my eyes.
But Chee-Chee and Gub-Gub did not know how to swim.
Sea Catch knew that, and every spring would swim from whatever place he happened to be in--would swim like a torpedo-boat straight for Novastoshnah and spend a month fighting with his companions for a good place on the rocks, as close to the sea as possible.
If master would be so good as to lean on my shoulder, master would swim with much greater ease.
Well," said he, "I will swim on until I am worn out, or the cramp seizes me, and then I shall sink;" and he struck out with the energy of despair.
You seem to be a sensible person, do then as I bid you; strip, leave your raft to drive before the wind, and swim to the Phaeacian coast where better luck awaits you.
I cannot swim, and dared not throw myself into the river.
I had somehow the impression that he was on the point of letting go the ladder to swim away beyond my ken--mysterious as he came.
Historians of the social life of the later Roman Empire speak of a certain young man of Ariminum, who would jump into rivers and swim in