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SWIRLSStratospheric Wind Infrared Limb Sounder
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A mission that allows close-to-ground measurements and data collection is the only way to get a solid answer about how the swirls were formed though.
In addition, Cherrific Cheesecake, cheesecake ice cream with cherry and graham swirls, which had been a seasonal flavor, is now available year-round.
A New Control Mechanism for Two-Phase Ejector in Vapor Compression Cycles for Automotive Applications Using Adjustable Motive Nozzle Inlet Swirl," SAE Int.
PASEO Gallery of the Philippines and Jada Art of Singapore have teamed up to mount A Swirl of a Time, a solo exhibition of foremost Filipino modern master Romulo Olazo, at ION Art Gallery.
Wakaberry is a leader and innovator in its area and the brands core values of real yoghurt, real people and real fun resonate with the Swirl of Honor programmes values.
Our Chocolate and Toffee Mini Pot Swirls are one of our best selling products.
Every evening, while watching TV, I would look at those swirls and wonder how different it would look with a smooth ceiling.
The introduction of presence of swirl alters the flow field considerably and this affects the overall performance of a system.
One promising idea, put forward last year by Ian Garrick-Bethell (University of California, Santa Cruz) and two colleagues at Brown University, takes a different tack: the swirls are continually brightened with replenished toppings of very fine dust, levitated electrostatically from elsewhere.
2 : busy movement or activity <She got caught up in the swirl of events.
Skinny Cow is aiming to boost its leading brand position in the healthy ice cream sector with the launch of Swirl Pots.
Our top two favorites were The Gobfather - chocolate ice cream with fudge-covered almonds and nougat swirl - and Marsha Marsha Marshmallow - chocolate ice cream with fudge chunks and toasted marshmallow and graham cracker swirls.