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SWIRLSStratospheric Wind Infrared Limb Sounder
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Cool your hot temper with The Last Straw - Strawberry ice cream with a fudge truffle swirl and strawberry-fudge chunks
A mission that allows close-to-ground measurements and data collection is the only way to get a solid answer about how the swirls were formed though.
In its flagship 46-ounce clear carton ice cream line, Blue Bunny is adding five additional flavors: PB 'N Cones, vanilla ice cream with swirls of creamy peanut butter and crunchy chocolate-dipped cone pieces; Rockin' Rocky Road, chocolate ice cream with marshmallow and fudge swirls and chocolate dipped almonds; Mint Cookie Crunch, classic mint ice cream with fudge swirls and mint chocolate cookie chunks; Monster Cookie Mash, peanut butter ice cream with a fudge ribbon and monster cookie dough bites; and Toffee Brownie Twist, toffee ice cream with caramel fudge swirls, brownie chunks and toffee pieces.
It utilizes an adjustable swirl at the nozzle inlet to control the nozzle restrictiveness on the two-phase flow without changing the physical dimensions of the nozzle geometry.
The compositions in the Swirls Series portray a playful, jovial and harmonious collection of paintings that capture the characteristics of color and light.
As SAs first self-serve frozen yoghurt bar, Wakaberry walked away with three swirls, which is the most swirls a frozen yoghurt brand can possibly receive.
The new Mini Pot Swirls join the ten-strong range of Weight Watchers Iced Desserts and have confirmed listings in ASDA stores nationwide with an RRP of [pounds sterling]2.
Mariam is currently working on openingtwo more Swirls, one in Riffa Views and the other in Juffair.
The house my parents bought when I was very young had these very 1950's swirls all over the living room ceiling.
The same model was used for predicting the performance at various inlet swirls.
Others have proposed that the swirls arise from the gaseous comas of impacting comets--but in that case there ought to be more of them.
3 : a twisting shape or mark <The ice cream has chocolate swirls.