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SWOOPSSolar Wind Observations Over the Poles of the Sun (US NASA)
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ANTI-TERROR cops investigating Islamic extremist groups arrested nine men in a dramatic motorway swoop.
There were swoops in the Ilford and Hackney areas of London, North Yorkshire, County Durham and Northumbria.
Hershey's Swoops is an exciting new product innovation," says Chuck Kuklic, market manager, Hershey's Franchise.
Celebrating is one of the things Peruvians do best, whether it be greeting a goal (when commentators sound like vacuum cleaners choking on carpet), sharing the wicked local brew, Pisco, or the graceful swoops of the Marinera dance.
If Olson wants to turn left to swoop around a gate, she leans her body to the left and the snowboard swoops in the same direction.
Juste speculates that a bat swoops onto an unsuspecting bird and must disable it before plummeting to the ground.
Instead it comes in spurts as the kite swoops back and forth in front of the wind: The first impulse from wind hitting a surface is about four times stronger than a steady pull, Gharib said.
A drugs watchdog yesterday warned it is planning a series of swoops on the Scots sex industry.
But a teachers' union leader yesterday branded the swoops as "dawn raids".
A BOY aged just 16 was one of two people arrested when police found a pistol during drug swoops on houses in Birmingham.
More crack cocaine suspects across the region have appeared in court after a raid involving 400 police officers making early morning swoops across the UK.