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ISDA has created a Symbology Governance Committee (SGC), which will provide oversight and governance for a clear classification and identification standard that meets both industry and regulatory requirements.
Both Ormeling (1992) and Ambrose and Williams (1991) predominantly speak of vector symbology types using points, lines, and polygons in their discussions of language-mapping symbology.
Enter reduced-space symbology, a system that Matt Fowler, product manager for NCR's Automatic Identification and Collection Division, refers to as a "license plate approach.
5 symbology can be included as part of the 3D part, and displayed when the virtual object is rotated so that the 2D view of the part they are associated with is facing the user (Fig.
A symbology is termed self-checking if a printing defect will not cause one character to be scanned as another.
Bloomberg Open Symbology, or BSYM, gives financial firms, exchanges and data providers an alternative to using proprietary naming conventions, which typically come with costly and restrictive license agreements.
Mobile web users are active shoppers, and this fundamental symbology search technology is uniquely suited to help consumers find the right products at the best prices," says Dean Becker, CEO of ICAP Patent Brokerage.
is to deliver ten Helicopter Autonomous Landing Systems (HALS) with three-dimensional (3D) imagery and landing guidance symbology in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
Synthesizing the scathingly ironic with the utterly sincere, Murakami zooms beyond Pop into a warp-speed realm where Andy's predigital symbology of celebrity and brand names seems touchingly direct and earthbound.
While committed to open symbology support, Code also offers its proprietary GoCode symbology for secured data applications.
Solution Provides Automated Overhaul of Symbology Used in Representing Listed Options
Founded in 2003, Secure Symbology is also currently helping manufacturers meet the state of California's January 1, 2009 deadline that will require all pharmaceutical manufacturers to guarantee the pedigree of their products entering the state.