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As the sea-going member of the syndicate (whose plans depended greatly on Dona Rita's information), I used to be charged with humbly affectionate messages for the old man.
Moreover, journalists renewed calls for a protest on Thursday at the syndicate, amid other possible demonstrations and assemblies next week in a series of escalatory reactions.
Brougher Syndicate; CU Syndicate; Fust Riverside Syndicate; The Fremont Syndicate; Gamma Re Syndicate; Golden Hill Syndicate; Home Re Syndicate; MONY-Re Group; Republic Western Syndicate; and Sentry Syndicate.
The statement said the syndicate is stalling to defend journalists liable to violations in the course of the past period.
The price comprises GBP850,000 in cash for Syndicate C.
With an obvious liking for good going, Lough Ferrib should progress during the summer and give the Collar & Tie syndicate plenty to look forward to.
Beirut lawyers' syndicate held an extraordinary meeting headed by the president Ramzi Jourij.
Buying a syndicated feature is much more inexpensive than paying a staffer," observes Margo Sugrue, national sales director at Creators Syndicate.
I got behind the Syndicate because I wanted to provide a forum for talented young writers and to provide a production studio for movies based on their books," explained Snipes.
Furthermore--as Roger Dion noted in 1934 in his magisterial thesis on the Val de Loire--between Blois and Beaugency there developed the earliest agricultural syndicates in all France; the Syndicat des Agriculteurs de Loir-et-Cher, founded in 1883, became a national model.
At the National Association of Black Journalists convention in Chicago in 1997, McGruder met an executive from Universal Press Syndicate and presented the strips that had run in The Source, a hip-hop entertainment publication, and his college newspaper, The Diamondback, from the University of Maryland in College Park.
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