TNYTrees New York (urban forestry organization; est. 1976)
tNYTotal Nodal Yield
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AEC also has a relatively new TNY mold-temperature controller whose footprint is only 12 x 12 x 18 in.
His highly appreciated enterprise in home roasting led to the foundation of the company TNY, which today produces Caffe New York for the bar market throughout the Tuscan region.
It is now installed in a number of tny rooms beneath the Wapping Dock pub.
Cona, Drew Schutte has been named Vice President and Publishing Director of The New Yorker and its web site, TNY.
TOURNEAU executives will review all submissions, and the winner will be awarded a special men's or women's watch from Tourneau's own TNY Series, a $950-$1400 value.
RED) will also launch two new partners - Tourneau will offer a (RED) collection of their Tourneau TNY watch and Bottletop will introduce (RED) versions of their iconic Luciana clutch bag and the unisex Kibe belt.
is listed on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol TNY.