TWTThe Washington Times
TWTTraveling Wave Tube
TWTThe Winning Team (various meanings)
TWTTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
TWTTwo Wheeled Texans (motorcycle forum)
TWTTeaching with Technology
TWTTime Will Tell (Robert Cray song)
TWTTrisonic Wind Tunnel (North American Aviation; El Segundo, CA)
TWTThird Wave Technologies, Inc. (also seen as TWTI)
TWTTube Wall Temperature (heating)
TWTTwo-Way Traveltime (reflection seismology, GPR)
TWTThe Wildlife Trusts (UK)
TWTTed Williams Tunnel (Boston, MA)
TWTThe Wrong Trousers (Wallace & Grommit film; band)
TWTThe Walking Toxins (band)
TWTTwo Way Tape
TWTTilt Wheel Technology (Microsoft)
TWTThe World Tonight (television news program)
TWTTechnical Writing Team (various locations)
TWTTiny Windows Terminal
TWTTri-Wizard Tournament (Harry Potter event)
TWTTrump World Tower (New York)
TWTThe White Tower (Wheel of Time book series)
TWTThe Technical Writing Teacher (journal)
TWTTotal Wait Time
TWTTactical Warfare Training
TWTTattooed White Trash
TWTThe Wrestling Talk (online forum)
TWTTrans-Sonic Wind Tunnel
TWTThird World Traveler
TWTTechnical Walk-Through
TWTTotally Without Thought
TWTTravel with Troops
TWTTogether We Teach (website)
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Not only does this book try to prove the validity of TWT to new research areas, but it is also the first attempt at using this framework for texts other than the Anglophone ones to which it has always been applied.
Bradgy Twt Lol's chief brewer Phil Thomas and left, some of the brewery's beers
Specialising in tubes, the company went on to combine tube technology with power supplies and progressed to TWT microwave tubes for military usage.
Test and alignment: When submitted to test and alignment, the TWTA will be submitted including the TWT.
And DHS and TWT want you to just 'Do One Thing' - whether this is to create a pond, build a hedgehog house or simply put out some bird seed.
In order to get higher output power of the TWT at 140 GHz, we designed a novel broadband double-ridge loaded FWG-TWT with sheet electron beam.
Recently, a novel slotted helix SWS with high heat dissipation capability [20], as shown in Figure 1(b), has been proposed for developing high power millimeter-wave TWT.
TWT differentiated itself in the industry by its commitment to meeting the vendor compliances of all its retail partners.
Developed by Thales Microwave & Imaging Sub-systems R&D teams, both in France and Germany, TWT incorporates the performance and reliability of Thales' electron tube technology.
B Jen fined 4 twt after gm (http://bizofbasketball.
Twt Logistics has renewed a four-year multi-million-pound contract with one of its biggest clients, Abingdon Flooring of Caerphilly borough.
The Commission's concerns centred round the combination of Thales's leading position in the TWT market with AAS's activities as a satellite manufacturer and its production of EPCs.