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TabTablature (musical notation)
TABTabasco (postcode, Mexico)
TABThe Allman Brothers (band)
TABTape Automated Bonding
TABTraffic Audit Bureau
TABTechnical Activities Board (IEEE)
TABTechnical Advisory Board
TABThe Avett Brothers (Concord, NC band)
TABThinking About You
TABThule Air Base
TABThe Angry Beavers (cartoon)
TABTransportes Aéreos Bolivianos (Bolivian civil cargo transport airline)
TABTesting, Adjusting, and Balancing
TABTechnology Advisory Board
TABTherapeutic Abortion
TABTotalisator Agency Board (betting shop)
Tabthreatened abortion
TABTemporal Artery Biopsy
TABTotal Allocated Budget
TaBTraffic and Billing
TABTarget Acquisition Battery
TABTown Advisory Board
TABTax Anticipation Bill(s)
TABTransportation Alliance Bank Inc (Ogden, UT)
TABTactical Advance to Battle
TABTamil Bilingual (font)
TABTape Automated Bond
TABTobago, Tobago, Trinidad And Tobago - Crown Point (Airport Code)
TABTraining Aid Booklet
TABTax Administration Bill (South Africa)
TABTactical Air Base
TABTrump Asking Bid (bridge game)
TABTengah Air Base
TABTyphoid & Paratyphoid-A + Paratyphoid-B (vaccine)
TABTheater Aviation Brigade (US Army)
TABTone Above Band
TABTarget Acquisition Battalion
TABTraining Allowance Billet
TABTechnical Abstracts Bulletin
TABThe Afrigo Band (Uganda band)
TABTeaching Appropriate Behaviors
TABTactical Analysis Bulletin
TABTowed Assault Bridge
TABTerminal Air Box
TABTiming and Acquisition Bit
TABTemporally Able Bodied
TABTechnical Applications Bulletins (Sprint)
TABTheater Aviation Battalion
TABTotal Androgen Blockade
TABThermactor Air Bypass (Ford)
TABToyota Auto Body
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The aim of this paper is to test the following hypotheses: (1) the endosymbiotic worms occurred only in certain host species; (2) the infestation rates are host-specific; (3) endosymbionts preferred a certain type of tabulate morphology (heliolitid versus favositid); (4) the number of infested tabulate species in the coral reef and reef-related community changes over time; (5) the infestation rate of coral species changes with time.
Parkhurst and James [79] tabulate zonal polynomials of order 1 through 12 in terms of sums of powers and in terms of elementary symmetric functions.
We agreed that the Central Election Commission needs time to tabulate the results of the elections.
He said the Central Election Commission can not begin tabulate voting results until it makes decision on all complaints coming from electoral process stakeholders.
However the ballots come in, that's the way we'll tabulate them,'' said Jim Welch, USA Today's deputy managing editor for sports.
The agency did not tabulate how many comments came from members of the industry.