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TANTotal Acid Number
TANTransaktionsnummer (German: Transaction Number)
TANTooth and Nail (record company)
TANTest Area North
TANTax Anticipation Note(s)
TANTotal Ammonia Nitrogen
TANThe Anime Network
TANThe American Nurse
TANTasso Annuale (Italian)
TANTax Account Number
TANTranslocation-Associated Notch
TANTiny Area Network
TANTransaction Authorization Number (banking)
TANTraction Avant Nederland (Dutch automobile club)
TANTexas Association of Nurserymen
TANTape Area Network
TANTremor Action Network (Pleasanton, CA)
TANTreatment Authorization Number (healthcare billing)
TANTechnical Application Note
TANTable Area Network
TANTemporary Authorization Number (password with expiration date)
TANTactical Area Network
TANTrunk Appearance Number
TANTransportation Advisory Notice
TANTeletype Alert Network
TANTest Advisory Notice
TANTotal Access Networks, Inc.
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About Tangent Energy Solutions Tangent Energy Solutions (www.
The findings further demonstrated that a driver will look at the tangent point 80 percent of the time when there is a shorter sight distance, such as with sharp, right-hand curves.
The potential geometric elements used to study driver speed behavior were 80 tangent segments, 40 circular elements and 70 tangent-curve-tangent transitions identified during the study of deceleration and acceleration actions.
As shown in figure 9, the tangent delta values were, like the G' values, arrayed by carbon black type and cure system.
Tangent was only formed in its present form in July 2005 through the reverse takeover of Documedia plc.
Hutchison says Tangent tested the integrity of the design against simulated load scenarios with specialized 3D computer modeling software, ensuring that it conforms to accepted engineering standards and best practices.
The Board of St Ives considers any dialogue with Tangent to have terminated.
Tangent, which is valued at around pounds 17m, said a proposed offer would be backed by a combination of institutional investors and increased debt in the enlarged group.
Tangent rule tangent of the angle = side opposite / side adjacent
Green, below, owns a 53 per cent stake in Tangent Communications, a junk mail firm that launched on the stock market yesterday.
Tangent Communications, set up by Mr Green and his brother 30 years ago, will be taken over by Documedia Solutions in a move valuing the combined business at more than pounds 10m.
We say that tangent, as the Philosopher has made it clear in Book V of Kitab al-Sama' al-Tabi i, is the meeting of the extremities of things that are tangential and here it becomes imperative that there be a common boundary between the two tangential things; what is between is something other than the two tangential things.