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TAPESTactical Planning & Engineering System
TAPESTotal Army Performance Evaluation System
TAPESTrans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar
TAPESTotal Army Personnel Evaluation System (US Army)
TAPESToxicological Agent Protective Ensemble
TAPESTrinity Amputation and Prosthesis Experience Scale
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Now if you think you can baste two rows of white tape round the bottom of your pink skirt and keep it straight by the checks, I'll stitch them on for you and trim the waist and sleeves with pointed tape-trimming, so the dress'll be real pretty for second best.
She said "Good morning, Miss," in her usual phlegmatic and brief manner; and taking up another ring and more tape, went on with her sewing.
Just then he heard of an erratic genius who had an invention for winding paper tape on wire for the use of milliners.
Others will stand behind counters, and measure tape, and ribbon, and cambric by the yard.
The dip-dial translates them on the tape in flowing freehand.
Dona Rita described amusingly how she had to stand in the middle of her room while Rose walked around her with a tape measure noting the figures down on a small piece of paper which was then sent to the maker, who presently returned it with an angry letter stating that those proportions were altogether impossible in any woman.
Snagsby has dealt in all sorts of blank forms of legal process; in skins and rolls of parchment; in paper--foolscap, brief, draft, brown, white, whitey- brown, and blotting; in stamps; in office-quills, pens, ink, India- rubber, pounce, pins, pencils, sealing-wax, and wafers; in red tape and green ferret; in pocket-books, almanacs, diaries, and law lists; in string boxes, rulers, inkstands--glass and leaden--pen-knives, scissors, bodkins, and other small office-cutlery; in short, in articles too numerous to mention, ever since he was out of his time and went into partnership with Peffer.
She let down a tape from the window to the pavement, and it was a sheer drop of thirty feet, without so much as a spout to climb up by.
Lynde measured me with her tape today, and say, Anne, see my front tooth.
There were telephones upon his desk, a tape machine, and a private instrument connected with the telegraph department.
The world of tape measures and calico counters seemed so far away; the interior of his quondam lodgings in a by-street of Islington, so unfamiliar and impossible.
They merely charged illegality in the elections and wrapped up the whole situation in the interminable red tape of the law.