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TAPIRTDWG (Taxonomic Database Working Group) Access Protocol for Information Retrieval
tAPirThe Anxiety Panic Internet Resource
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Although few data on the infection by the parasite in tapirs is available, the modified agglutinating test (MAT) has already been used to identify antibodies in captive and free-living individuals of this species (NAVEDA et al.
Malayan tapirs, which are related to both the horse and the rhinoceros and feature a long and flexible nose to help forage for food, are found in Malaysia, Sumatra, Thailand and Myanmar.
Segun las leyes mexicanas como la NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010 (SEMARNAT 2010), 43 especies de mamiferos mexicanos estan en peligro de extincion incluyendo el tapir centroamericano (Tapirus bairdii).
You can guess what is top of Archie's Christmas list when he turns seven - the minimum age you have to be to get up close and personal with a tapir.
El objetivo de la investigacion consistio en caracterizar la actividad de lisozima en leche de tapir y analizar comparativamente el comportamiento frente a diferentes temperaturas de la lisozima presente en la leche de tres especies de perisodactilos: Tapirus terrestris, Equus caballus y Equus asinus.
The tapir is the most endangered animal right now in Nicaragua, and in the world, because its gestation period is so long.
THE mother of the child mauled by a wild tapir at Dublin Zoo may not have signed a waiver.
MEET Adi the Malayan tapir calf, an adorable character who will play a starring role in the survival of his species.
TWYCROSS Zoo is celebrating the arrival of a new baby tapir.
Summary: Zookeepers in Denver have to step in to save a baby Malayan Tapir.