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TARSTethered Aerostat Radar System
TARSTarget Attack Radar System
TARSTactical Airborne Reconnaissance System
TARSTropical Agriculture Research Station (USDA; Mayagüez, Puerto Rico)
TARSTactical Air Reconnaissance System
TARSTeenAge Republican Society
TARSTheatre Airborne Reconnaissance System
TARSTerrestrial Aeronautical Radiotelephone System (provides telephone service on-board select military aircraft 2-4 channels)
TARSTerrain and Radar Simulator
TARSTheater Army Replacement System
TARSTravel Accor Reservation System
TARSTrade Acceptance and Reconciliation Service
TARSTerminal Automated Radar Services
TARSTactical Aerial Reconnaissance and Surveillance
TARSTest Analysis and Retrieval System
TARSTravelers Advisory Radio Stations
TARSTechnical Area Requirements Specification
TARSTraining and Administrative Reserves (on active duty)
TARSTask Assignment & Reporting System
TARSTime Activity Reporting System
TARSTraffic and Road Safety (University of Waikato; New Zealand)
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We finally agreed that Tars Tarkas should return along the branch, leaving his longest leather harness strap with me, and that when the limb had risen to a height that would permit me to enter the cave I was to do so, and on Tars Tarkas' return I could then lower the strap and haul him up to the safety of the ledge.
Below us upon the river's bank the great white apes were devouring the last remnants of Tars Tarkas' former companions, while great herds of plant men grazed in ever-widening circles about the sward which they kept as close clipped as the smoothest of lawns.
We had no means of making a light, and so groped our way slowly into the ever-increasing darkness, Tars Tarkas keeping in touch with one wall while I felt along the other, while, to prevent our wandering into diverging branches and becoming separated or lost in some intricate and labyrinthine maze, we clasped hands.
TARs provide late-stage ankle arthritis patients with fast pain relief and range of motion in the ankle, allowing individuals to restart recreational activities more quickly.
Coal tar built-up roofing has proven superior performance for more than 140 years.
In the same PNAS, Rayudu Gopalakrishna and his colleagues at the University of Southern California School of Medicine in Los Angeles report on mechanisms behind one such link: cancer and the tar deposited in the lungs by cigarette smoke.
This report was created for strategic planners, international marketing executives and export managers whose primary concern is the world market for mineral tars and their distillation products including similar products obtained by processing petroleum or by any other process.
The Air Force has selected the L-88(V)3 radar, integrated with the Lockheed Martin 420K (420,000-cubic-foot aerostat), as the standard configuration for the TARS network.
The faster this data can get into the theater commanders hands, the faster a successful strike decision can be made," said Mike Wallace, TARS program director.
Before adopting GPS for TARS attitude determination, Lockheed Martin used magnetic compass augmented gyros.
CEVA International has agreements with five petroleum refineries located in the Ploiesti region to supply acid tar and refinery waste materials.