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absent from Taxon A and shared by taxa B-E (characters progressively
In other topologies there is usually a series of single taxon 'steps' in the basal araneines, in which Poltys occurs, often with other parts of the 'Hypsosinga clade' emerging as adjacent steps.
2) research on the taxon needs to have been published in the scientific literature (e.
Ulmus appears to have been the main pollen taxon that increased exponentially after the decline.
Correlations of the first component and abundance of each taxon indicated that differences between these groups were largely the result of greater catches of L.
hypothesized that this taxon and others from the rift lakes were from an extinct radiation and, as such, were not related to the currently recognized six families of the Unionida.
3%) cuentan con al menos un taxon endemico al mismo (Apendice 2), mientras que 338 (58.
A total of 100 samples from each taxon were used for morphological properties; seed size, general shape, seed surface, color, hilum length and width.
Some of these hypotheses take into account the possibility that plant diversity influences galling diversity both temporarly and spatially, for example, the plant taxon size hypothesis and plant taxon age hypothesis.