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TECHTechnology Building
TECHThe Economic Consultancy House (Sri Lanka)
TECHTraining and Evaluation Center of Hutchinson (Hutchinson, KS)
TECHTour of European Concrete Highways (est. 1992)
TECHTeaching Enquiry Concepts Via Heuristics
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The cross-examination of the two men succeeded in asserting certain technical objections to their evidence.
I have already dwelt upon the importance of mnemic phenomena for psychology, and shall not enlarge upon them now, beyond observing that they are what transforms a biography (in our technical sense) into a life.
Among our still more modern and dashing young gentlemen -- who are extremely averse to superfluous effort and supremely indifferent to the purity of their native language -- the formula is still further curtailed by the use of "to feel" in a technical sense, meaning, "to recommend-for-the-purposes-of-feeling-and-being-felt"; and at this moment the "slang" of polite or fast society in the upper classes sanctions such a barbarism as "Mr.
He makes incisions round them, or in technical phrase, belts them with his teeth, and when they fall, they naturally take the direction in which their trunks or branches preponderate.
It possessed a motley population, composed of the creole descendants of the original French colonists; the keen traders from the Atlantic States; the backwoodsmen of Kentucky and Tennessee; the Indians and half- breeds of the prairies; together with a singular aquatic race that had grown up from the navigation of the rivers - the "boatmen of the Mississippi;- who possessed habits, manners, and almost a language, peculiarly their own, and strongly technical.
Master Hugues of Saxe-Gotha,' another special poem on music, is unparalleled for ingenuity of technical interpretation: 'A Toccata of Galuppi's' is as rare a rendering as can anywhere be found of the impressions and sensations caused by a musical piece; but 'Abt Vogler' is a very glimpse into the heaven where music is born.
It is the only technical beer bust I ever attended.
Services offered by the Society (founded 1896) include: more than 200 technical publications; technical and management committee participation; annual Casting Congress and triennial CastExpo; reference library with information retrieval and abstract service; technical field services; industry research; supervisory training; marketing assistance; organization of grass-roots lobbying efforts; and annual issues/action conferences.
Technical sessions on automotive and processing innovations at the global Polyurethanes 2006 Technical Conference, to be held September 25-27 at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT, will unveil a host of new testing procedures, polyurethane (PU) materials and processing advances that improve overall performance of PU in a wide range of automotive applications, according to the conference sponsor, the Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API).
The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC[R], pronounced "Dee-tick") collects and distributes authoritative Department of Defense scientific, research, and engineering information to the defense community.
Trepanier awarded the TAPPI Process and Product Quality Division Technical Award and Richard S.
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