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TWTalk(ed) With
TWRepublic of China (Including Taiwan & Pescadores Island)
TWThird World
TWTeam Work
TWThe What?
TWTwin Cities (ammunition headstamp)
TWTe Weten (Dutch: to wit)
TWTechnology Watch
TWThird Watch (TV show)
TWTeraWatt (10^12 watts)
TWTheatreWorks (theatrical equipment business)
TWTaiwanese Women
TWTare Weight
TWTarget Weight (kidney dialysis)
TWThreat Warning
TWTest Wafer
TWTekWar (video game)
TWTheatreWorks (theatre company)
TWThermit Welding
TWTactical Warning
TWTelstra Wholesale (Australia)
TWTrigger Warning
TWThrow Weight (Star Trek fan site)
TWTechnowizard (Rifts roleplaying game)
TWTeam Wound (gaming slang)
TWTholian Web (Star Trek)
TWTactical Weather
TWTest Witness
TWTackles Won (soccer)
TWThought Withdrawal
TWTrue Watt
TWTransmitter Window
TWTechnical Writer/Writing
TWTargeting and Weaponeering
TWTuring Word
TWTactical Warfare Ashore
TWThreat Evaluation/Weapon Assignment (Tartar Module)
TWTactical Warning Segment
TWTransformer Windings
TWTribalwar (online community)
TWTrojan Wall (Age of Mythology game type)
TWTrumans Water (band)
TWTongue Weight (shipping)
TWTravel Weekly (publication)
TwTwaddle (unit of measure)
TWTrench Wars (gaming website)
TWToxic Waste
TWTransit Windsor (Canada)
TWTorchwood (British sci-fi series; Doctor Who spin-off)
TWTribal War (gaming community)
TWTulsa World (Tulsa, OK newspaper)
TWTrapped Wind
TWTotally Wasted
TWTop of Wall (surveying)
TWTraveling Wave
TWTwo Wheeler
TWTiger Woods
TWTomorrow's World (UK TV programme)
TWTime Bandwidth
TWTokyo Weekender (Magazine)
TWTotal Weight
TWTrainers Workshop
TWTime Warner
TWTotal Water Content
TWTraffic Warden (UK)
TWTransmit Wavelength (Nortel)
TWTile World (Chip's Challenge emulator)
TWTourism Whistler
TWTollywood (south Indian film industry)
TWTrade Weighted
TWTwickenham (postcode, United Kingdom)
TWTilt Wheel
TWTurbine Wheel
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the sun is on its way and shops are full of itsy- bitsy, teeny-weeny bikinis.
Now it's two larger-than-life women dancing in teeny-weeny bikinis on a new Ventura Freeway billboard that have turned heads and enraged moms, school representatives and local residents.
A camper begins, "Once upon a time there were three bears: a huge bear, a middle-sized bear, and a teeny-weeny bear.
The astonishingly meticulous attention that he lavishes on details (like the teeny-weeny "DRY CLEAN" tag on the suit of Becoming/Mister Man) starts to look less compulsive than compulsory.
All teeny-weeny warriors have their removable helmets.
Kim Kardhshian showed her voluptuous figure in a teeny-weeny black bikini during her family vacation in Thailand.
In other images, the voluptuous beauty squeezes her figure into a teeny-weeny red bikini.
I saw Chris Brown had done a naked picture and he has a teeny-weeny little thing.
With his shirt off, the Prince doesn't look in the best shape, which does make you rather wonder what the feline Ms Escat, who favours teeny-weeny bikinis, sees in him.
AN itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bikini on a curvaceous girl.
In fact, she may as well have wandered into the Dog &Duck in Lewisham during a road-menders' lunch break wearing just a teeny-weeny tankini and heels instead.
LUCKILY, it was glamour girl Nicola McLean who decided to wear an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny polka dot bikini in the jungle and not fellow camper Timmy Mallett.