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TETight End (football)
TEThe End
TETraffic Engineering (Cisco)
TETraffic Engineering
TETournament Edition (gaming)
TETest Equipment
TETechnical Education
TETyrone (Ireland)
TETax Exempt
TETrial and Error
TETelecom Egypt
TEThermal Expansion
TETest Engineer
TETraining Equipment
TETechnology and Engineering
TETerminal Equipment
TETough Enough (TV show)
TETransportation Enhancements
TETrailing Edge
TETechnical Evaluation
TETest & Evaluation
TELithuanian Airlines (IATA airline code)
TETextEdit (Macintosh ROM program)
TEThermo Electric
TETechnical Expert
TETotally Enclosed
TETop Event
TETris-EDTA (Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid; buffered solution)
TEThermal Efficiency
TETietoEnator (Swedish/Finnish consultant firm)
TEThromboembolic Events
TETransverse Electric
TETeramo, Abruzzo (Italian province)
TEThermal Equilibrium
TETracking Error
TETime Extension
TETime Element
TETable Editor
TETrue Evil (gaming)
TETeam Europe (gaming)
TETamper Evident (package)
TETherapeutic Exercise(s)
TETherapeutic Equivalence
TEThoroughly Educated
TETransmission Engineer
TEThrowing Error (baseball)
TETerrestrial Ecology
TETexas Electric (Railroad)
TETechnology Evangelist
TETax Examiner
TETest Edition
TEThroat Erosion (firearms)
TETaxable Equivalent
TEExpiratory Time (medicine)
TETissue Equivalent (plastics)
TETechnical Exhibit (to a solicitation package)
TEToledo Edison
TETesting Effort
TETelefis Eireann (Ireland)
TETravel and Expense
TETransfer Engineering
TETime to Echo (magnetic resonance imaging)
TEToxoplasmic Encephalitis (infectious disease)
TETelecom Eireann (Irish telephone company)
TETransient Event
TETurbine Entertainment (gaming software)
TETraditional Expression
TETask Element
TETransactions on Education (IEEE)
TEThreat Evaluation
TETranslation Equivalent
TETemperature Element
TETeaching Event (Performance Assessment for California Teachers)
TETactical Exploitation
TETestifying Expert
TETransitional Employee
TETechnical Escort
TETelecommunications Enclosure
TETexture Engine (computer science)
TETable of Equipment
TETritium Extraction
TETemporal Expansion
TETarget Extraction
TETiming Electronics
TETractor England (Ferguson Tractor manufacturer circa 1950)
TETribes: Extreme (game)
TETime for Emergence
TETiming for Emphasis (PNF technique)
TETransaction Executive
TETerritorial Engagement (gaming)
TETooling Element
TETest Execution Technician
TETriennium Ending
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2: Amperometric Determination of Tellurium (IV) With Methyl Thymol Blue (MTB) S.
Given the tellurium copper's propensity to produce BUE, the drilling operation of female contacts presented a special challenge.
Current Plasmon 12-inch media uses an ablative Tellurium layer, which is not suitable for multi-layer recording.
We want to understand the evolution of tellurium - and by extension any other element - from the Big Bang to today," said Anna Frebel, an assistant professor of astrophysics at MIT and a co-author of the study.
Under the terms of the VIE, Apollo Solar was granted the exclusive exploration rights to the Dashuigou area and mining rights to the tellurium mine in Majiagou owned by Xinju in accordance with a license granted by the Chinese government, which extends through January, 2013, subject to potential renewal thereafter.
Two research groups have built artificial nerve cells, or neurons, and synapses - the junctions between them - using an alloy known as GST, an acronym of the symbols for its components: germanium, antimony and tellurium, reports New Scientist.
Intrusive associations and extensional structures combined with good assays and trace geochemical returns make the Big Hammer a target for gold and the byproduct tellurium.
Apollo also has exclusive exploration and mining rights to Dashuigou Mine in Shimian County, Sichuan Province, China, which it believes to be the world's only independent tellurium and bismuth mine yet found.
13] tellurium, titanium, uranium, neon, carbon, hydrogen
One ingredient is always a chalcogenide--a compound containing at least one of the elements sulfur, selenium, or tellurium, which lie directly below oxygen in the periodic table, and at least one positively charged element.
This text introduces organometallic chemistry through discussions of main-group organometallics, including alkali metals, the boron and carbon groups, the nitrogen group, selenium and tellurium, and copper, silver, and gold, as well as compounds of the transition metals.
Unusual failures occurring in heavy gray iron castings were attributed to abnormal graphite accompanying the presence of lead and tellurium.