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THECAThe Hut Environmental and Community Association (Queensland, Australia)
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It is generally agreed that the major prerequisite for ovulation is degradation of collagenous layers of the theca externa and tunica albuginea at the apex of the ovulatory follicle.
18b Theca weakly or moderately sculptured, posterior membrane and membranes on the horns usually poorly developed 19
Observations on the theca of the motile phase of free-living and symbiotic isolates of Zooxanthella microadriatica (Freudenthal) comb.
8) Insulin acts synergistically with LH to enhance androgen production in the ovarian theca cells.
1E-1G) having theca with finger like lateral thecal appendage, dorsal membranous conjunctival appendage with horn like sclerotized plate at apex, penial lobes with dilated apex.
Genistein was found to inhibit basal and stimulated P4 production by human, rat and bovine granulosa cells as well as porcine theca and luteal cells (Makarevich et al.
Small luteal cells Hormone-producing cells of the corpus luteum that are derived from theca interna cells of the follicle.
The most common causes are gestational trophoblastic disease (hydatidiform mole or choriocarcinoma), hyperstimulation secondary to infertility treatments, and extensive luteinization of theca cells, usually in a multiple gestation.
Although they have four pollen sacs, organized into two thecae, each theca opens by a single valve, which is hinged on the ventral side of the theca (Fig.
Rare theca cells were seen scattered in between the neoplastic granulosa cells.
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It seems that insulin-like growth factor (IGF-like) has the capacity of stimulating the follicular theca to produce ovarian androgens.