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THEEThe Home Education Exchange (Canada)
THEEThe Heaven and Earth Experience (christian camp, Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Missouri)
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said Rachel, wiping her eyes; "but thee mustn't feel so.
Ruth Stedman," said Rachel, coming joyfully forward; "how is thee, Ruth?
well thou know'st how dear, To me are all my works, nor Man the least Though last created, that for him I spare Thee from my bosom and right hand, to save, By loosing thee a while, the whole Race lost.
Thou knowest the income of his convent, I warrant thee.
This same mode of proceeding I shall have to adopt with thee, for the desire which has sprung up in thee is so absurd and remote from everything that has a semblance of reason, that I feel it would be a waste of time to employ it in reasoning with thy simplicity, for at present I will call it by no other name; and I am even tempted to leave thee in thy folly as a punishment for thy pernicious desire; but the friendship I bear thee, which will not allow me to desert thee in such manifest danger of destruction, keeps me from dealing so harshly by thee.
Why, thee canstna get the coffin ready," said Lisbeth.
If through me the favour of this bold and wise Colonel Sahib comes to thee, and thou art raised to honour, what thanks wilt thou give Mahbub Ali when thou art a man?
Let nor call nor song nor sign Turn thee from thy hunting-line.
I would have thee drop Thy riotous company, too -- fellows low born -- Ill suit the like with old Di Broglio's heir And Alessandra's husband.
Bide thou here till I bring thee money to pay our good Hugh.
Ay, sirrah, I'll teach thee to turn thyself to a dog,
Admirably do forest and rock know how to be silent with thee.