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THESThessalonians (New Testament)
THESTimes Higher Education Supplement (UK)
ThesThessalian (linguistics)
THESToronto Hydro Energy Services
THESThunder Hill Elementary School (Columbia, MD)
THESTechnicolor Home Entertainment Services, Inc. (Camarillo, CA)
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The 1989 report of the Music Thesaurus Project Working Group called for a number of bold initiatives, including the construction of thesauri that would cover all aspects of music as well as literature on music (the "about-ness" and the "is-ness").
Our approach was based on literature investigation and practice observation and aims to draw conceptual directions of AF Taxonomy and/or Thesaurus construction.
Nielsen (2004) summarizes recent literature on the thesaurus and includes a section on the subtype of the searching thesaurus, where efforts are focused on the thesaurus as a tool for users rather than for indexers.
A thesaurus is a set of terms that are semantically related.
Keywords: Self-organising map, Software retrieval, Query refinement, Thesaurus.
There's some great Brendan Klein photos in there, and plenty of other skate stuff, mixed with funny writing in some font I've never seen before, except perhaps on death metal bands' records, like the ones who go way too deep into the thesaurus for their name, as if fonts mattered.
Merriam-Webster Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus offers more than 100, 000 words and 500,000 synonyms.
MatchPoint also features a concept searching technology that automatically generates a thesaurus directly from the enterprise's own document set and uses it to expand the user query to synonyms and related terms.
Popular programs such as Microsoft Word now include a spelling and grammar checker, thesaurus, clip art, hyperlink, page layout, envelope and label creation, mail merge and other tools that used to be provided by other programs.
The thesaurus terms option looks for synonyms of the term being researched.
I shall confine myself to one or two examples of each: "emphazized" (for: "emphasized," 55), "accedatur" (for: "accendatur," 66), Thesaurus eruditioni scholastici (for: Thesaurus eruditionis scholasticae, 263), "pseudoIsadorian" (for: "pseudo-Isidorian," 265).
Descriptor assignment can follow a standard set of terms usually available in a built thesaurus or assigned using key terms given by the authors or extracted from the test, which is free terms.