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54% males and 56% females prefer silky hair, while 36% males and 37% females want moderately thick and silky hair.
Thick Cream is an essential element of several popular regional dishes and our approach has been to identify the favored style of thick cream through research and then produce an offering to meet those requirements.
5 : a thick stiff piece of paper that has a picture on one side and is traded or collected <baseball cards>
Barnett left Aintree - to succeed Douglas Erskine-Crum as chief executive at Ascot - following 15 years in charge, during which time he was credited with transforming the racecourse, and Thick paid tribute to him yesterday.
As a result, there aren't large quantities of plankton to die, fall to the bottom, and build up into a thick layer of sediment.
To prevent sinks in thick sections, extra cooling outside the mold may be needed: Try cooling the part in water or between aluminum sheets rather than just in air.
PLATE--Sheet steel that is more from 1/4-inch to 12-inches thick and more than 8inches wide.
APPLICATION:This study demonstrates the importance of high velocity ratio in producing a uniform stock mixture in concentric thick stock dilution before the fan pump.
And the Thick delight in telling everyone they meet about how they were taken in.
Each is constructed with thick, durable, plastic for secure containment.
Designers and operators of rubber extrusion dies have the challenging job of getting a material that naturally flows rapidly through thick sections and away from thin edges to exit a shaping tool with an overall local velocity profile that allows low and uniform drawdown.
One thin specimen set, designated "A", were unidirectional laminates, while the other thin specimens, designated set "B", and the thick specimens, designated set "C" were quasi-isotropic laminates where there were an equal number of fibers at 0[degrees], 90[degrees], +45[degrees], and -45[degrees].