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The act is the same in any two cases of the same kind of consciousness; for instance, if I think of Smith or think of Brown, the act of thinking, in itself, is exactly similar on both occasions.
I cannot quite keep back the tears from my eyes when I think of my poor Maggy, and of the blank she must have felt at first, however kind they all are to her, without her Little Mother.
I think you will consider them extremely curious, and very beautiful IN THEIR WAY.
I cannot deny that I shall think all that of you, Fred, if you give me good reasons.
It makes me a little frightened to think of all that may happen in them," said Cecily.
How long do you think it'll be before he gets tired of a scrubby room in a scrubby hotel?
She tried to think of something else and to pray, but could do neither.
I think she was arrayed in little blue feathers, but if such a costume is not seemly, I swear there were, at least, little blue feathers in her too coquettish cap, and that she was carrying a muff to match.
Then with a bright smile, "I think perhaps I could if he were very conceited; and yet, if he got extremely humiliated afterward, I should relent.
I can't think what it can be," said Anne in despair, "unless it's that Moody Spurgeon MacPherson saw you home from prayer meeting last night.
One would think then that good thought would be as familiar as air and water, and the gifts of each new hour would exclude the last.
He began to think of Misselthwaite and wonder if he should not go home.