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THROTTubing Hanger Running and Orientation Tool (oil industry)
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Los Angeles sanitation officials have pulled 60 brand-new hybrid trash trucks off San Fernando Valley's streets after the throttles in some of them stuck, causing the trucks to accelerate without the drivers' control.
The introduction of a new throttle system has enabled the Transfermix extruder to process even nervy natural rubber adequately, so that the current range of MCTD extruders may be regarded as broad-range, able to process a large variety of compounds.
Several linear and nonlinear control design techniques have been previously applied to the throttle position tracking problem.
Pilot reported right engine was unresponsive to throttle movement.
development of a representative throttle blip which can be applied automated and reproducible
Through throttling, if a user is streaming video from a website that can't downgrade based on his/her connection, Binge On would still throttle the video, hence resulting in a choppy experience.
The flow characteristics of the throttle valve is mainly used in the modeling course.
Unfortunately, outside air temperature, barometric pressure, throttle position, RPM and forward speed are a few of the variables that make it extremely difficult to achieve a quantitative assessment of one filter versus another, in terms of power gains.
The new unit, the first in the world to integrate an air intake throttle valve and an EGR valve, is half the size of conventional models and requires fewer components, thus reducing costs.
You'd have to give it more throttle to compensate, only to slow down in lighter soil.
8 -- Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails, the half-day off-roading event for Tata Motors SUV owners, will soon be held in Jodhpur on Sunday, August 12.
To prevent these problems, wipe off the throttle linkage with a brush or clean rag.