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THROTTubing Hanger Running and Orientation Tool (oil industry)
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I formed the physical estimate when he was trying to throttle me, and the moral estimate when he repented.
Most likely ghostly hands have tried to throttle you in your sleep.
I had not the smallest desire to throttle this innocent lad (nor did I), but only to extricate Raffles from the most hopeless position he was ever in; and after all it was better than a blow from behind.
You could throttle me at this moment, you mean, miserable bully, and you daren't so much as look me in the face, because I'm not afraid of you.
added Bob, laying down his pack on the gravel, "it's a thousand pities such a lady as you shouldn't deal with a packman, i' stead o' goin' into these newfangled shops, where there's half-a-dozen fine gents wi' their chins propped up wi' a stiff stock, a-looking like bottles wi' ornamental stoppers, an' all got to get their dinner out of a bit o' calico; it stan's to reason you must pay three times the price you pay a packman, as is the nat'ral way o' gettin' goods,--an' pays no rent, an' isn't forced to throttle himself till the lies are squeezed out on him, whether he will or no.
The flow characteristics of the throttle valve is mainly used in the modeling course.
The Global and Chinese Electronic Air Throttle Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global electronic air throttle industry with a focus on the Chinese situation.
The new unit, the first in the world to integrate an air intake throttle valve and an EGR valve, is half the size of conventional models and requires fewer components, thus reducing costs.
Because Verizon is still in the process of creating and expanding its less congested 4G networks, it is currently unnecessary for the network to throttle data speeds, making 4G favorable for users who want to avoid throttling issues in a 3G network already bogged down by high usage, according to Marguerite Reardon of CNET.
So, if there is ever the need to de-stress or just in need of a laugh, press the button, swipe the arm, raise their thumb, spin 'em around, or simply throttle the neck, either way it's available all the time.
Lube puts the slide and glide back into the linkage for smooth operation of the throttle.
An extremely important phenomenon which takes place while using these resistors is the heating of the liquid, which leads to a modification of the viscosity and implicitly of the flow that goes through the throttle.