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TIEDThe Indo-European Database
TIEDTrapped Ion Electron Diffraction
TIEDTechnology, Industry and Economics Division (UN Environmental Programme Chemicals)
TIEDThe Independent Electrical Distributors (now IMARK Group, Inc.)
TIEDTest Independent Evaluation Directorate
TIEDTRADOC Independent Evaluation Directorate
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Certain it is, this was not the case with the redoubtable Brom Bones; and from the moment Ichabod Crane made his advances, the interests of the former evidently declined: his horse was no longer seen tied to the palings on Sunday nights, and a deadly feud gradually arose between him and the preceptor of Sleepy Hollow.
One of these was leaned against the rock, and the men went up it tied together in couples.
And there, tied to the Doctor's ship, were a thousand strings; and two thousand swallows were pulling on each string--all terribly swift fliers.
It seems, that upon the first moment I was discovered sleeping on the ground, after my landing, the emperor had early notice of it by an express; and determined in council, that I should be tied in the manner I have related, (which was done in the night while I slept;) that plenty of meat and drink should be sent to me, and a machine prepared to carry me to the capital city.
But his mouth was full of soot and cob- webs, and he was tied up in such very tight knots, he could not make anybody hear him.
My oath on it, too," said the farmer; "but as I have a strong affection for you, I want to add to the debt in order to add to the payment;" and seizing him by the arm, he tied him up again, and gave him such a flogging that he left him for dead.
The coastguard said the man must have tied up his own hands, fastening the knots with his teeth.
They had scarce laid down to sleep, when a dog strayed into the camp with a small pack of moccasons tied upon his back; for dogs are made to carry burdens among the Indians.
I tied it to a rope, brought it home, dogs took it.
He tried to run towards his mistress, but they had tied him to the bench.
The other, a short sturdy soldier with a shawl tied round his head, was stronger.
Let me try, dear," she said, and indeed that was what he had come to ask her to do, and with her nice cool hands she tied his tie for him, while the children stood around to see their fate decided.