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TOBYThe Office Building of the Year (UK)
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Faces came and went at many windows: sometimes pretty faces, youthful faces, pleasant faces: sometimes the reverse: but Toby knew no more (though he often speculated on these trifles, standing idle in the streets) whence they came, or where they went, or whether, when the lips moved, one kind word was said of him in all the year, than did the Chimes themselves.
For all this, Toby scouted with indignation a certain flying rumour that the Chimes were haunted, as implying the possibility of their being connected with any Evil thing.
repeated Toby, using his right-hand muffler like an infantine boxing-glove, and punishing his chest for being cold.
There's nothing,' said Toby, breaking forth afresh--but here he stopped short in his trot, and with a face of great interest and some alarm, felt his nose carefully all the way up.
I thought it was gone,' said Toby, trotting off again.
There's nothing,' said Toby, 'more regular in its coming round than dinner-time, and nothing less regular in its coming round than dinner.
But Toby, not hearing it, continued to trot backwards and forwards: musing as he went, and talking to himself.
It seems as if we can't go right, or do right, or be righted,' said Toby.
Meanwhile Toby, putting a hand on each knee, bent down his nose to the basket, and took a long inspiration at the lid; the grin upon his withered face expanding in the process, as if he were inhaling laughing gas.
said Toby, suddenly recovering a position as near the perpendicular as it was possible for him to assume.
With lolling tongue and blinking eyes, Toby stood upon the cask, looking from one to the other of us for some sign of appreciation.
She was as true and earnest in the matter as Toby Crackit himself could be.