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The delight in the whale tooth faded out of the Buli's eyes, and he glanced about him dubiously.
So saying, he showed the whale tooth he had received from Erirola.
It is the whale tooth of Ra Vatu," he whispered to Starhurst.
Analysis of Tooth Mortality among Nigerian Children in a Tertiary Hospital Setting.
If milk tooth is lost prematurely, its stabilising influence is lost too.
A total of 24 teeth of each patient were scored between 0 and 4 according to the severity of tooth wear using tooth wear index.
If you have experienced tooth loss or other dental problems, how can you restore your teeth to improve their function and appearance?
70 from the Tooth Fairy for their first lost tooth.
Bridges and implants are two ways to replace a missing tooth or teeth.
Upon the arrival of the first tooth, you can expect a full set of 20 baby teeth over the next three years.
Three or four posts are drilled into what is left of the tooth and the cap or crown can be fitted on to them.
If the tooth is dirty, replant quickly after rinsing.