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TORTTheatre of the Relatively Talentless (est. 2002; University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN)
TORTTranscutaneous Oxygen Recovery Half-Time
TORTThree-Dimensional Oak Ridge Radiation Transport (three-dimensional discrete ordinates code used in MonteCarlo simulations)
TORTTest Operations Review Team
TORTTactical Operational Readiness Trainer
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14) Tort law, in contrast, is seen as pricing harms rather than prohibiting them outright.
First, it replaces criminal negligence, a mens rea standard, with tort negligence, a conduct standard.
Apart from this criminal sanction, however, a Right of Way Law violation resembles a tort.
The primary reason why waiver of tort is sometimes thought of as an independent cause of action is due to a misunderstanding of the difference between causes of action and remedies, and how they relate to various legal concepts.
Part I examines the traditional application of waiver of tort as a doctrine that is parasitic on other legal wrongs.
Part II traces the rise of waiver of tort as an independent cause of action.
Recommendation: To help ensure the quality of care provided to veterans by VA practitioners, including that information about all paid tort claims is reported and used appropriately to improve patient care, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs should direct the General Counsel to review all paid tort claims related to medical injuries at VA facilities in prior years to ensure that all of these claims are reported to OMLA.
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A tort case can communicate a normative message, an avoidance message, or a message affirming current practices.
23) "[T]he threat of tort liability has the capacity to deter broadly.
that the leading theories of tort are radically incomplete and for
A tort theory ought to explain tort law, of course, and in a sense,