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TOWTube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided missile
TOWTypes of Writing
TOWTime on the Water (windsurfing/kitesurfing)
TOWTransfer of Work
TOWTip of the Week
TOWTug of War
TOWTopic of the Week
TOWTop of Wall
TOWTheater of War
TOWThe One With (Friends episodes)
TOWTired Of Walking
TOWTime of Week (GPS signal)
TOWThread of the Week
TOWTake-Off Weight (aviation)
TOWThe One Where
TOWThe Other Woman
TOWTreaty of Waitangi
TOWThe Online Workshop
TOWTube Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Command Link
TOWThat Other Wiki (Wikipedia reference)
TOWTotem of Wrath (gaming, World of Warcraft)
TOWTime Out of Water (fishing)
TOWTower on Wheels (telecomunications)
TOWTactical Oceanography Workshop
TOWTask Oriented Workflow
TOWTerminal Orderwire
TOWTetra Over Wan (Terrestrial Trunked Radio over Wireless Area Network)
TOWTank and Orbiter Weight (US NASA)
TOWTraining Objective Workshop (US DoD)
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The tow truck was described by witnesses as being a newer model Dodge with the Triple A motor club emblem on its doors.
increasing the penalties for operating a tow truck without a licence or accreditation
The MMDA is also formulating new guidelines on tow operations amid complaints from motorists about abusive towing personnel.
Cristanto Saruca, MMDA traffic discipline office, said 30 specially-made tow bars were turned over to a team of mobile patrol units using the agency's multi-cabs.
The attempt to "set the record straight" in Wenatchee is part of TRAW's 2015 Regional Tow Expo, Aug.
Another scam involves private lots where a tow truck will "just tow a car parked on private property (such as a parking lot) and refuse to release it until exorbitant rates are paid," said Carol Kaplan, director of public affairs for the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
This keeps the tow bar and towed vehicle from disconnecting during stops.
The men told police their car was parked in a lot on Gold Street and a tow driver began to remove their car.
David Motton, Tow Car Editor at Practical Caravan and award judge, said, 'If you need proof that diesel power isn't a must for a tow car, the Mazda6 2.
A tow rope was passed to the trawler and the slow tow commenced towards Holyhead.
Between January and October 2012, there were 692 calls for tow truck service in the county.
There should not be a limit for consent tows on the distance as long as the tow contractor provides a specific estimate of the towing expense prior to the vehicle being towed.