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The main reason why women stay in toxic relationships boils down to what I call 'the emotional roller coaster effect'.
Toxic Free then details ways you can "be your own toxicologist," which is especially important to parents as "infants and children have greater risk for health effects from toxic exposure than adults.
In their experiments, three of these arrangements were toxic to human cells, two were not.
Toxic minerals can be removed by infusion of chelators and by whatever fraction of an oral chelator that gets taken up to cleanse the body.
To determine how commonly trace exposures trigger unanticipated biological, impacts, Calabrese's team has analyzed databases of biological responses to potentially toxic chemicals, each throughout a broad range of doses.
The Daily News first disclosed serious concerns about contamination at the field lab in 1989, including questionable practices involving disposal of toxic materials in the burn pit.
Prospective real estate investors will find this easy-to-use toxic site map invaluable.
Strutton and Michelle Wood at the University of Oregon in Eugene are developing a new tool to improve early surveillance of toxic blooms.
In the Wood decision, Arizona adopted a "triple-trigger" or continuous trigger theory in the context of what was an underlying toxic tort bodily injury.
They emphasized the risk of emergence of neonatal toxic shock syndrome-like exanthematous disease outside Japan.
Only those that used 2,640 pounds or more of toxic chemicals per year were required to file reports with the city detailing their use of the materials.
Several methods for evaluating toxicity exist, including urine, blood, and hair measurements of toxic metals; bio-energetic scanning for toxicity.