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(TM)Trademark (usually written: ™)
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She wrote that Kuhns's application for a Miss Gay Universe trademark "constitutes trademark infringement and dilution.
On the other hand, do you have any recourse if someone has bought the domain name for your trademark and is holding it for ransom?
DHL claimed that the trademark was worth only $20 million and had apparently stonewalled the IRS after the Service issued a deficiency notice.
3) Prior to repeal, section 177 permitted an elective amortization deduction of not less than 60 months for certain trademark and trade name expenses which otherwise would have constituted capital expenditures pursuant to section 263.
2) Canceled each of the 33 STEALTH trademark registrations listed in the complaint;
You should register a state or federal trademark, especially in the event of a lawsuit.
The first step in analyzing the treatment of trademark and trade name costs is to determine whether such costs must be capitalized.
Douglass was made in conjunction with the USPTO's public commemoration today of the one-millionth trademark application filed using TEAS.
Whether it involves trademark screening and research for new brand creation and brand expansion, ongoing watching and monitoring for brand maintenance and protection or brand audit reporting for periodic brand checks or specific issue management, NameProtect provides a comprehensive suite of services that supports the continual life cycle of a brand.
Patent & Trademark Office and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.