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TRADTerminal Radar
TRADTraffic Routing and Distribution
TRADTraining/Readiness Assessment Device (US Navy)
TRADTraining Requirements Analysis Document
TRADTransportation Routing And Documentation
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This is the nearest approach that can be made to a causal law of the traditional sort.
The laws of traditional physics, in the form in which they deal with movements of matter or electricity, have an apparent simplicity which somewhat conceals the empirical character of what they assert.
Besides the traditional rice and honey, there were three or four dishes, one of which consisted of pancakes, all prepared in Amalia Ivanovna's kitchen.
TTTC Director Wu Rung-Shun noted at a press conference on Wednesday that the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Festival is the center's first own-brand festival, which is planned to be an annual event in the future.
The week, which starts on Monday 22 to Wednesday 31 August 2016 will see government officials and traditional healers throughout the province carrying out joint activities such as exhibitions, debate, symposia, seminars, panel discussions and cultural shows to raise awareness on traditional medicine.
In some cases, however, you might find that you cannot make a deductible contribution to a traditional IRA or a nondeductible contribution to a Roth IRA.
There are so many success stories, both in traditional public schools and in charters -- the idea is that we learn from each other, to the benefit of all students.
In most recent years, the rapid increase to incorporate technology into the curriculum in institutions of higher education has led tenured professor's to question the effectiveness of traditional instruction.
For those out of the loop, Jarvis' tirade against Deli first appeared on his Buzzmachine blog, before eventually breaking onto the online pages of traditional media such as the BBC News, The New York Times and the Guardian Unlimited.
Of course, reasons for clinging to traditional religion are complex, usually deeply rooted in psychology and family tradition.
The act grew out of the deliberation over the relevance of custom and traditional rule, instability within the former homelands, and struggles over the reworking of local political institutions.
Because of its detailed decorations, this traditional costume is considered timeless--it takes lots of time to make it.