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The Corporation will transfer the remaining equipment in Fremont to other TC Transcontinental Canadian plants in 2018 to create efficiencies within its retail printing platform.
Buyer: Transcontinental Realty Investors, Southern Properties Capital and Abode Properties
In Railroaded, Richard White gives a comprehensive account of the economic, social, and political aspects of transcontinental railroads.
Transcontinental is uniquely positioned in Canada to help customers attract, acquire and retain their target consumers.
Additionally, Transcontinental obtained $25 million in a one-year credit facility with its bank syndicate.
Transcontinental publishes a range of consumer, business and trade publication, including "Quebec Vert," "Investment Executive" and "Finance et Investissement.
In addition to these three new routes the airline will also offer a seasonal transcontinental service to Portland, Oregan from Charlotte and Philadelphia.
North America's seventh-largest printer and Canada's leading newspaper printer will begin production work in spring 2009 in a new San Francisco Bay Area plant that Transcontinental said will be equipped with the latest advanced technology.
During the spring of 1996, the 13 parents of Transcontinental were planted into an isolated crossing block near Rolesville.
Judah, one of the transcontinental railroad's visionaries, had called the idea of a sea-to-sea rail link "the most magnificent project ever conceived.
Chapleau is located on one of the first three transcontinental lines built across Northern Ontario.
He raised a silver-tipped hammer and drove a golden spike that completed the Transcontinental Railroad.
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