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TFETax Free Exchange
TFEToray Films Europe (chemical industry group)
TFEThanks for Everything
TFETools for Education (Pennsylvania)
TFETransferee (IRB)
TFETechnical Feasibility Exception (various organizations)
TFEThin Film Electronics
TFETotalfinaelf (Oil and Gas)
TFETravail de Fin d'Études (Belgium)
TFEText Formatting Editor (WebTycho)
TFETrader Front End (customs declaration method)
TFEToyo Food Equipment (Japan)
TFETask Force Eagle
TFETactical Field Exchange
TFETest for Echo (Rush album)
TFEToronto Futures Exchange (Canada)
TFETask Force Excel
TFEThin Film Evaporator
TFETraining for Employment
TFEThe Factor E (Dutch Internet business)
TFETravail et Formation en Education (French: Labor and Training in Education; journal)
TFETurbo Fan Engine
TFEThermionic Fuel Element
TFETeaming For Excellence (Motorola)
TFETransportation Feasibility Estimator
TFETactical Field Exercise
TFETelos Field Engineering
TFETropopause Fold Event
TFETechnical Fire Expert
TFEToo Flipping Easy (polite form)
TFETraining Flight Equipment
TFETechnical Feasibility Exploration (service-oriented architecture)
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The issues raised above require due diligence to investigate the decedent's unpaid tax obligations, understanding of the correct amount of the estate tax liability and potential for additional assessment, informing beneficiaries of any special lien and transferee liability exposure, and attempting to mitigate the executor's personal liability by requests for prompt assessment and discharged.
The future North Carolina deductions taken by the transferee are based upon the appropriate federal depreciation convention.
First, the TPT credit is limited to the lesser of 1) the amount of FET attributable to the transferred property in the transferor spouse's estate (the first limitation) (5); and 2) the amount of FET attributable to the transferred property in the transferee spouse's estate (the second limitation) (the lesser of the first limitation and second limitation are referred to collectively hereafter as the "FET liability limitation").
Parent Company continues to maintain a qualifying corporate relationship with a foreign entity, the intra-company executive transferee may continue extending L-1A status up to the 7-year limit.
It is becoming more frequent that a corporate transferee is looking to rent.
Policy and procedure variances: Inevitably, there will be some variances between the policies and procedures of the transferee and the transferor servicer.
Solicitor to the Transferors and the Transferee (Ref: G Quirk/S Buckler/1311186).
Similarly, the transaction here also does not constitute either an impermissible forfeiture or an impermissible assignment of any potential remainder interest in the transferee IRA.
What is the availability of a judge or judges in the proposed transferee court or courts?
The Employment Tribunal refused to take account of Mr Oakland's length of service in the business prior to its sale to the Transferee.
While navigating today's troubled waters of relocation, the relocation professional must practice a degree of empathic objectivity: taking time to know and understand the pressures facing the transferee and their family while maintaining the objectivity needed to develop realistic valuations.