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he gasped, and made Szedvilas translate question after question.
Butcher and Lang translate it as a pluperfect, but surely Charybdis was in the act of sucking down the water when Ulysses arrived.
But if the task were, not to write off the English Bible, but to learn a language utterly unlike all other tongues, a language which hitherto had never been learned, except by the Indians themselves, from their mothers' lips,--a language never written, and the strange words of which seemed inexpressible by letters,--if the task were, first to learn this new variety of speech, and then to translate the Bible into it, and to do it so carefully that not one idea throughout the holy book should be changed,--what would induce you to undertake this toil?
But it is a grievous thing to me that he should have toiled so hard to translate the Bible, and now the language and the people are gone
William the letters from Voss, Brothers, and give him English copies of the answers; he will translate them.
Dear Love can translate the very meanest thing Into a sign of sweet remembrances.
As he approached, he heard the noise of the pulleys which grated under the weight of the massy pails; he also fancied he heard the melancholy moaning of the water which falls back again into the wells -- a sad, funereal, solemn sound, which strikes the ear of the child and the poet -- both dreamers -- which the English call splash; Arabian poets, gasgachau; and which we Frenchmen, who would be poets, can only translate by a paraphrase -- the noise of water falling into water.
Few can translate the picture- parable; there are not twenty in all the world who can draw it surely without a copy: of those who can both draw and expound are but three.
She made me translate what she could only express in her own tongue, and eagerly asked for the meaning of his replies.
She made no secret of her desires, and I was bidden to translate.
SOME White Christians engaged in driving Chinese Heathens out of an American town found a newspaper published in Peking in the Chinese tongue, and compelled one of their victims to translate an editorial.
cautioned the Scarecrow "wait, until Jellia translates my speech.