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In transmitting these instructions, you have innocently placed me in a position of extreme difficulty.
But I did not mean that Frederick should be the means of transmitting messages between us - only that each might know, through him, of the other's welfare; - and more than this ought not to be: for you are young, Gilbert, and you ought to marry - and will some time, though you may think it impossible now: and though I hardly can say I wish you to forget me, I know it is right that you should, both for your own happiness, and that of your future wife; - and therefore I must and will wish it,' she added resolutely.
Pickwick, who would certainly lose no time in transmitting it to the local authorities, and thus prevent the killing or maiming of his follower.
Since the channel is busy for a given time slot when there is at least one transmitting node in the slot time, the probability that the channel will be busy in a time slot is
Serial ATA uses a minimum four-wire cable that includes differential pairs for transmitting and receiving data.
Now, researchers have demonstrated that one can, in principle, approach the theoretical maximum for transmitting information via photons and other quantum particles by carefully choosing how the information is encoded, transmitted, and decoded.