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TRANNYTransmission (for motor vehicles)
TRANNYTransitions (BMX ramp)
TRANNY[not an acronym] Transexual or Transvestite
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The chief minister said that TI report had proved that the government had promoted transparency and this report was affirming the steps taken by the government of Pakistan for promotion of transparency at every level.
In a statement issued on Thursday, the chief minister said TI report has proved that the government has promoted transparency and the report also affirmed the steps taken by the government of Pakistan for the promotion of transparency at every level.
Through the mode of transparency one gets the advantage of handling hardcore criminal with ease and alacrity.
A central recommendation is that organizations consider developing a transparency tool kit to facilitate decision-making and achieve consistent standards, processes and controls through a four-step process: Identify Stakeholders from executive leadership to operations teams to trustees and fiduciaries; Prioritize Transparency Objectives whether holdings, valuations, liquidity, fees or other requirements; Rank Key Questions including what transparency means to the organization and what tradeoffs may be needed to achieve the end goal; Establish Best Practices for due diligence, investmaent performance and annual reviews.
Good leaders understand transparency encourages conversation and opportunities for employees to contribute to growth of the organization.
Users may now view financial and spending records by launching the City's Financial Transparency Portal via the internet, giving citizens access to how the City spends its tax dollars.
Mumtalakat was one of only 11 funds in the world to be awarded full marks for transparency, out of a total of 52 funds surveyed.
Fiscal transparency is a critical element of effective public financial management, helps in building market confidence, and sets the stage for economic sustainability.
Transparency and accountability initiatives (TAIs) score more significant on effectiveness, being frequently well enforced and accomplishing first order objectives such as the employment of complaint mechanisms or the uncovering of corruption--than on impact, such as enhancing reactivity of suppliers or of services.
According to the 2014 release of JLL and LaSalle Investment Management's biannual Global Real Estate Transparency report, SSA countries claimed five of the Global Top 10 spots for biggest improvements in market transparency.
Other tech giants, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, have also released their own detailed transparency reports, however, Yahoo is among those who have been mulling to get legal in fighting their argument for more transparency.
BNA) -- Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company ("Mumtalakat"), the investment arm of the Kingdom of Bahrain, announced today that its transparency score has been maintained following the research undertaken by the independent Linaburg-Maduell Transparency Index issued by the Sovereign Wealth Funds Institute ("SWFI").
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