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TRANNYTransmission (for motor vehicles)
TRANNYTransitions (BMX ramp)
TRANNY[not an acronym] Transexual or Transvestite
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They are produced by refraction of light from mineral and ice crystals, from mist, rain, spray, and no end of things; and I am afraid they are the penalty I must pay for transparency.
Then the people laughed aloud, and would have thrown mud against the blazing transparency of the King's crown and initials, only that they pitied the poor old dame, who was so dismally triumphant amid the wreck and ruin of the system to which she appertained.
Then came his Transparency the Duke and Transparent family, with his great officers of state and household.
Then the figure, from whom she could not detach her eyes, and who appeared more protecting than menacing, took the glass, and walking towards the night-light held it up, as if to test its transparency.
The natural strength of such literature will, of course, be in the line of its tendencies; in transparency, variety, and directness.
The light of the lamp illuminated the rich complexion of Rosa, her blue liquid eyes, and her golden hair under her head-dress of gold brocade, with her fingers held up, and showing in the blood, as it flowed downwards in the veins that pale pink hue which shines before the light owing to the living transparency of the flesh tint.
Gradgrind, weakly smiling, and giving no other sign of vitality, looked (as she always did) like an indifferently executed transparency of a small female figure, without enough light behind it.
For once more he saw before his mind's eye, as clear as transparency, the strange clauses of the will.
Acknowledgement of government's transparency in Pakistan by an international body is a welcome step,' the chief minister said in a statement here on Thursday.
He said acknowledgement of governmental transparency in Pakistan by an international body was a welcome step.
Starting from the familial work till professional work transparency is always accorded top priority so that entire operation is attained top perfection.
The authorAEs PhD dissertation, this book examines internal transparency of criminal procedure in China and what and how China should emphasize regarding transparency to enhance or restore the legitimacy of its criminal justice.
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