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TRNToronto (airport code; Toronto, Canada)
TRNTotal Return Net (finance)
TRNTechnology Research News
TRNTimes Record News (Wichita Falls, TX)
TRNTaxpayer Registration Number (Jamaica)
TRNTalk Radio Network
TRNTeaching-Research Nexus
TRNTranslation Support File
TRNThreaded Read News
TRNTransaction Reference Number
TRNTreasury Reserve Note (US Treasury)
TRNTransports Régionaux Neuchâtelois (French; Swiss public transport company)
TRNTrade Name
TRNToken Ring Network
TRNTax Research Network (UK)
TRNTitre de Reconnaissance de la Nation (French: Full Recognition of the Nation)
TRNTranscriptional Regulatory Network
TRNTemporary Routing Number (telecommunications)
TRNTraining Resource Network, Inc
TRNTransit Routing Number
TRNTurin, Italy - Caselle (Airport Code)
TRNTopology Representing Network
TRNTerrain-Reference Navigation
TRNThe Radio Network Ltd (New Zealand)
TRNTransition Register
TRNTransaction Register
TRNTraining Document (TMINS)
TRNTarget Reference Number
TRNTask Requirement Notice
TRNTeam Rally Nasjonal (Norwegian)
TRNTrashy Romance Novel
TRNThe Rader Network (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA)
TRNTravel Record Number
TRNThe Revellee Nation (non profit organization)
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Kutuzov with his transport had still to march for some days before he could reach Znaim.
A truce was Kutuzov's sole chance of gaining time, giving Bagration's exhausted troops some rest, and letting the transport and heavy convoys (whose movements were concealed from the French) advance if but one stage nearer Znaim.
Kutuzov's expectations that the proposals of capitulation (which were in no way binding) might give time for part of the transport to pass, and also that Murat's mistake would very soon be discovered, proved correct.
In comparison with the fourth quarter of 2013 the transported passengers as well the transport performance by the passenger land, water and urban electrical transport has decreased by 14.
When the SARS epidemic spread to remote islands, aircraft companies refused to transport patients with a case of suspected SARS unless certain precautions were implemented.
It requires flexible, open SAN transport devices that connect currently isolated SAN islands over Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks, carrier networks optimized to carry storage data, software to manage the storage domain over long distances and the integration of advanced optical networking technologies.
The TransPort GX is the perfect solution for customers seeking a high-end, high-performance, no-compromise mobile solution.
No cylinder can weigh more than 100 pounds (or contain more than one and one-half cubic feet of gas), and no vehicle can transport more than 1,000 pounds (10 cylinders) at one time.
Our goal is to save kids, and we realized the community had a need for specialized transport care,'' Alan Purwin said.
With Sentry, Pro Transport can monitor essential logistical and operational information on their fleet of refrigerated trailers, including GPS location, refrigerated set point, temperatures, engine operating parameters, etc.
The transport performance, which is a result of the actual distance on which the goods are transported, registered a 6.
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