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TREATTherapeutics Research Education and AIDS Training in Asia (Foundation for AIDS Research)
TREATTrouble Report Evaluation and Analysis Tool
TREATTrees for the Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands (Australia)
TREATTransient Reactor Test
TREATTrust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade (est. 1990; UK)
TREATTransient Radar Test Facility
TREATThesis, Rule, Explanation, Analysis, Thesis (law study)
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While this conversation, amusing to all except Don Quixote, was proceeding, they ascended the staircase and ushered Don Quixote into a chamber hung with rich cloth of gold and brocade; six damsels relieved him of his armour and waited on him like pages, all of them prepared and instructed by the duke and duchess as to what they were to do, and how they were to treat Don Quixote, so that he might see and believe they were treating him like a knight-errant.
I please myself with imagining a State at least which can afford to be just to all men, and to treat the individual with respect as a neighbor; which even would not think it inconsistent with its own repose if a few were to live aloof from it, not meddling with it, nor embraced by it, who fulfilled all the duties of neighbors and fellow-men.
I'm good f'ler, girls, an' if an'body treats me right I--here," called he through an open door to a waiter, "bring girls drinks, damn it.
Das ri', I'm damn goo' f'ler an' w'en anyone trea's me ri', I treats zem ri'
No," answered the fisherman, "if I trust myself to you I am afraid you will treat me as a certain Greek king treated the physician Douban.
If these two requirements are met, qualifying taxpayers who materially participate in rental real estate activities can treat them as nonpassive.
Final entity classification regulations--the "check-the-box" (CTB) rules issued in December 1996(1)--allow taxpayers to elect to treat most business entities (including foreign business entities) for Federal tax purposes as corporations, partnerships or (if the entity has one member) disregarded entities.
States that do not require a separate state S election tend to treat the parent and its QSSS as one corporation for determining nexus.