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TXTexas (US postal abbreviation)
TXTherapy (medical)
TXTransfer (medical)
TXTreatment (medical)
TXTheta Xi (fraternity)
TXTungsten X (Palm product)
TXTerminatrix (Terminator 3 movie)
TXTalk Xbox (gaming fansite)
TXTechnology Exploitation
TXTrack Transmit
TXTank, Expansion/Contraction
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Not Malory but his age, also, is to blame for his sometimes hazy and puzzled treatment of the supernatural element in his material.
While I was much interested in Dejah Thoris' explanation of this wonderful adjunct to Martian warfare, I was more concerned by the immediate problem of their treatment of her.
Our readers will think, no doubt, that he would say to himself: 'P-- showered benefits upon me all my life; he spent tens of thousands of roubles to educate me, to provide me with governesses, and to keep me under treatment in Switzerland.
Secondly, my treatment in Switzerland was very far from costing tens of thousands of roubles.
The two doctors, arguing from the rapidity of the beat, declared that a lowering treatment was the only treatment to be adopted.
I never hesitated in pursuing the treatment on which I had staked everything.
There is much that I might say," he went on, "about the merciless treatment of me by my own family, and the merciless enmity to which I have fallen a victim.
The Count asked me many questions about the treatment and the symptoms.
You still persist in your lowering treatment of this case of fever?
I persist in the treatment which is justified by my own professional experience," said Mr.
I warn you once more that the fever has turned to typhus, and that your treatment is responsible for this lamentable change.
What he thought of the previous treatment I cannot say, but it struck me as curious that he put many more questions to myself and to Mrs.