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TXTexas (US postal abbreviation)
TXTherapy (medical)
TXTransfer (medical)
TXTreatment (medical)
TXTheta Xi (fraternity)
TXTungsten X (Palm product)
TXTerminatrix (Terminator 3 movie)
TXTalk Xbox (gaming fansite)
TXTechnology Exploitation
TXTrack Transmit
TXTank, Expansion/Contraction
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This, and the savage treatment they received afterwards, is shocking to humanity, and too barbarous to relate.
The water treatment was new, now, and Tom's low condition was a windfall to her.
It is certain, however, that although the difference to the outward eye was very small, it nevertheless existed, and she was less censorious in her treatment of Rebecca, less harsh in her judgments, more hopeful of final salvation for her.
The experience of FREDERICK DOUGLASS, as a slave, was not a peculiar one; his lot was not especially a hard one; his case may be regarded as a very fair specimen of the treatment of slaves in Maryland, in which State it is conceded that they are better fed and less cruelly treated than in Georgia, Alabama, or Louisiana.
It was rather a wish of distinction, she believed, which produced his contemptuous treatment of every body, and his general abuse of every thing before him.
They were not bound to regard with affection a thing that could not sympathise with one amongst them; a heterogeneous thing, opposed to them in temperament, in capacity, in propensities; a useless thing, incapable of serving their interest, or adding to their pleasure; a noxious thing, cherishing the germs of indignation at their treatment, of contempt of their judgment.
They are good children, no doubt, and don't deserve the treatment you receive, for your bad conduct.
If the thoats did not respond with sufficient celerity to the telepathic instructions of their riders they were dealt a terrific blow between the ears with the butt of a pistol, and if they showed fight this treatment was continued until the brutes either were subdued, or had unseated their riders.
Even these admit of more or less skilful treatment.
It is your practice to talk about me; it is your constant habit to make public complaint of the treatment you receive at my hands.
He assured them of good treatment among the Crows, the principal chiefs and warriors of whom he knew; they would soon become great men among them, and have the finest women, and the daughters of the chiefs for wives; and the horses and goods they carried off would make them rich for life.
His reading told him that whatever might have been done when he was a small boy, and then treatment of talipes was not as skilful as in the present day, there was small chance now of any great benefit.