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TRIACTriode Alternating Current Switch
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Con el uso de este modulo el estudiante experimentara el control de cargas de corriente alterna mediante TRIAC y SCR pudiendo observar mediante osciloscopio el comportamiento temporal de estos circuitos.
This system will waste less power than phase control dimmers because the dimmer will not be controlling the power flowing to the load, and the lamps will not have to draw power not used to generate light just to provide the TRIAC keepalive current.
TRIAC devices handling currents of 8 ARMS to 16 ARMS are normally specified for this sort of application.
GL-AR111-V2ADH-12 accepts an input voltage of 200-240V AC and is TRIAC dimmable.
The GL-DL06D is also compatible with a multitude of TRIAC dimmers commonly available in the markets.
Cirrus Logic's CS163X two-channel, TRIAC dimmable digital LED controller is a breakthrough in digital controllers and an ideal system solution for our Brilliant Mix technology," said Horst Varga, Applications Engineering, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.
The family also includes the Angular Timer (AngTmr), which is a hardware module that calculates the rotational angle in functions, such as motor control, TRIAC control, or Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) systems.
The company further contributed to the compactness and high-performance of LED lighting systems with TRIAC dimming support with the new R2A20135SP device.
To plot VI characteristics of TRIAC, To plot VI characteristics of UJT, Observation of wave shapes & measurement of voltage & measurement of voltage at relevant points in TRIAC based AC phase control circuit, Varying lamp intensity & AC fan speed control using SCRs.
Tenders are invited for Supply of SCR, MOSFET, IGBT and TRIAC Training Kit: Stand alone module suitable VI characteristics experiments of mentioned devices.